Yanbuka was a powerful empire ruled by the immortal Lord Naskremari. It arose among the ruins of the even more ancient Jurian Empire, which Naskrenari also ruled. The Yanbukans were excellent warriors and devoted followers of the Hazarakan faith. Their greatest ally was the Gabakaruan empire, but they also fought bravely to defend Namiva.

Over the years the power of Yanbuka spread west, encompassing the coast of Lake Chasuwa. However, its attempts to conquer the island-kingdom of Hadacha in the east was thwarted by the Kahuburan fleet of Naskremari’s rival, Daskesurul.

For many years, the Kahuburan used Hadacha as a stronghold from which to attack Yanbuka’s prosperous coastal cities. Naskremari’s other enemy, Liralian, also endeavoured to halt the expansion of his empire until the Yanbukan army seized her kingdom of Gabuwesu.

An epic fantasy saga