Hakenar Vakagia

Hakenar was an ambitious wizard-king from Garakia, known for his cunning and charisma.

When Hakenar heard that Mormariul’s Vanotaquan Empire was being torn apart by invading armies, he led his forces south to assist her and soon became her lover. He eventually betrayed her and trapped her in the mundane world, saying that he would not free her until Carashanza gave him an elixir of immortality.

Carashanza made the potion, but Hakenar still refused to return Mormariul’s Anengharen, for he had no wish to relinquish the magical power it gave him. The Anengharen was eventually rescued by the Vanotaquan Lord Jaxunam Karuzata. Once she regained her freedom, Mormariul took terrible revenge on her erstwhile lover. His remains can still be seen in her Citadel.

  • Race: Human
  • Status: Wizard-Emperor of Vanotaqua
  • Homeland: Garakia
  • Family: The House of Vakagia