Ukuzecha is an empire ruled by the immortal lord Daskesurul, famed for its mighty warships, vast cities and complex administration. Its people gained great wealth by trading with Daskesurul’s western territories of Kahubur and Onadura, and for centuries after those kingdoms fell it remained the only mundane land under his power.

The Ukuzechan people follow the Xakuzanian faith, and are known for their oppressive laws as well as their love of grandeur. At one time, they claimed to have the finest fleet in the east. They have frequently sought to extend Ukuzecha’s influence across the Gahuzan islands, establishing colonies and trading posts.

  • Ruler: Daskesurul
  • Crown City: Tanuchab
  • State Religion: Xakuzanism
  • Allies: Kahubur, Onadura, Janakeza
  • Enemies: Vanotaqua, Tuyaz-Oa, Naoskiu