The Shuredorean Empire flourished in north-western Udaris during the later centuries of the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars. Originally a small kingdom on the northern shores of the Tanthiran Sea, it conquered the surrounding lands with the help of its fleets and became wealthy through trade with the south. However, Shuredor’s rise to power truly began after its rulers converted to the Akesan Faith.

  • Ruler: Mortal emperors
  • Imperial City: Aoneda
  • State Religion: Akesanism
  • Allies: Sanarba, Dorazia
  • Enemies: Onadura, FareniaArunisa, Edran

The War Against the Ankaykari

Inspired by religious fervor, the Shuredoreans pushed further north and west, subduing the coastal kingdoms of eastern Dusuria. Their military conquests soon brought them into conflict with the three Ankaykari kingdoms of Farenia, Onadura and Arunisa.

The Shuredoreans believed it was their religious duty to purge the world of Ankaykari influence. They attacked Farenia relentlessly and waged bitter wars against its ally Onadura. After Onadura fell to northern barbarians the Arunisans came to Farenia’s aid, but despite their efforts the kingdom was conquered by Emperor Orothassan I.

During the final battle the Ankaykari Lord Gesmoriul was captured by Shuredorean wizards, adding to the mortals’ triumph. Emperor Orothassan had campaigned his whole life to destroy the servants of the Ankaykari, and he was an old man when he won his great victory. He died not long afterwards, leaving the throne to Orothassan II.

The new emperor was obsessed with the thought of vanquishing the Ankaykari themselves. He led his army thought the Gateway of Evathuya to the Askamaran land of Imbire, believing that the skill of his wizards and the power of Gesmoriul’s Anengharen would protect him.

Gesmoriul revived and broke free of the wizards’ spells, destroying most of the Shuredorean army in a blaze of magic before flying to his Citadel. Many of the survivors fled back to the mundane world in panic, but Gesmoriul’s ruler Saroparel destroyed the brave few who remained.

Orothassan’s body was impossible to identify among the remains of his followers, but the imperial court declared him a hero and build him a lavish memorial. Later historians remembered him as Orothassan the Mad.

The Later Empire

After the fall of Farenia the Shuredoreans turned their attention to the final Ankaykari stronghold, Arunisa. Their enemies were protected not only by magic but by their own fleet and the formidable Tabarissan mountain range, and the conflict dragged on for years.

At the same time the Shuredorean Empire weathered attacks from Vungarthian pirates, Edranian raiders and deadly in-fighting among the princes of the imperial family. Eventually the Shuredorean Emperor Alathannan VI agreed to a peace treaty with the Arunisans, for he could no longer afford to ignore the threat which had arisen along the empire’s south-eastern border.

The empire finally fell due to famine, invasion and internal power-struggles. Its heartlands were seized by the Edrans, but its legacy continued to be upheld by the Dusurian kingdom of Kaduria, whose rulers claimed descent from the last dynasty.