Farauquan Ghaz Ahzaya

Farauquan was a Bakoquan prince who longed to explore unknown regions. Once his older brother Raquias had inherited the throne, Farauquan journeyed north along the river Iyaun with a small group of followers.

His travels took him to the ancient kingdom of Danyubao, where he went through the Gateway of Lanath and met Lady Liralian.

The pair fell in love, and when Bakoqua was threatened by the Caruaks Liralian gave Farauquan an army to defend his homeland. Farauquan eventually founded the Tuyaz-Oan Empire, but he left the throne to his nephew and returned to the magical realm to live with his beloved. His tomb stands in the gardens of Quoraloresea.

  • Race: Human
  • Status: Vassal-Emperor of Tuyaz-Oa
  • Homeland: Bakoqua
  • Family: The House of Ghaz Ahzaya