Tan Anguha

Tan Anguha was a kingdom in south-western Razurea. Its people had endured raids from the yuyarni of Taloquath, and later driven off invasions from Wayaiqua. By the 10th century EA Tan Anguha was ruled by the Maxariak dynasty, whose kings were known for their ruthlessness.

When King Songatya Maxariak attempted to conquer the neighboring kingdom of Nawoyaz, its people appealed to Liralian for help. In fear, Songatya promised to give his allegiance to Mormariul if she would protect him.

The war that followed was long and bloody, but Tan Anguha eventually fell to Liralian’s army and became a province of the Tuyaz-Oan empire.

A map of Tan Anguha created with Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) and Adobe Photoshop Elements.