Onadura was a  kingdom ruled by the immortal Lord Daskesurul. Its people originally lived in villages and hill-forts, but Daskesurul brought them military strength, the technology of the ancient Kahuburan civilization and trading-linking with the distant lands. Onadura became extremely wealthy, overwhelming the surrounding ‘barbarian’ lands and extending its borders as far north as the Vungarthian Sea.

The Onadurans were renowned for their army and the power of their wizards, but they were also great scholars, architects and engineers. Among the greatest of their achievements was the building of a canal linking Lake Ulugan to the Sakadan Sea. Like Daskesurul’s other human subjects, the Onadurans followed Xakuzanism — the Faith of the Divine Order. They strongly believed in hierarchy and had a reputation for solemnity.

The Fall of Onadura

The greatest threat to Onadura appeared to be the Shuredorean Empire which had arisen in the south. The Onadurans fought to defend their Farenian allies from the Shuredoreans, and they also took part in the Namivian Wars in distant Eshazuria. Taxes were raised to finance the campaigns and the common people starved.

Many nobles complained about the strain they suffered as a result of the constant warfare. When the northern city of Sarseda was sacked during a peasant revolt, Onadura’s old enemies seized the chance to invade.

For years the Onadurans fought to protect their cities, but in the end they were overwhelmed by the combined might of Dauraga, Seodha, Yughru, Jathun and Shuredor. The last king of Onadura was Esariul Ganayath II and the last High Wizard was Tathural.

There were terrible massacres following the fall of Onadura, and most of the Onaduran wizards were burned or stoned. The Ankaykari were shocked. Daskesurul was plunged into deep grief, but he had no means of avenging his slaughtered people.

Meanwhile the conquerors reveled in their victory over the immortals and the fabulous riches they had plundered. After more years of fighting several new kingdoms emerged where Onadura had once stood, the most powerful of which was Eoradha. However, for the next five centuries no mortal dared to venture through the Gateway at Aruthadul for fear of Daskesurul’s wrath.