Naoskiu was a powerful empire in north-eastern Udaris. Its people became prosperous through trade with the Gahuzan islands, purchasing horses and weapons in return for timber and pelts. When the Echakus began raiding their coasts, they built their own ships to defend themselves, then used their fleet to expand their territory.

The Naosakiuns conquered a great mainland empire, while their overseas colonies included many of the northern Gahuzan islands. Finally a dynastic power-struggle – orchestrated by Yephasure – led to Naosakiu being split between the ‘Mainland Empire’ and the ‘Empire of the Western Isles’ which later fell to rebels.

The Naosakiuns worshipped the twin gods Kawalon and Kenuchon, and were regarded as great seafarers. Although they were famed for their battles against the Ankaykari, it was their attempts to re-conquer the Western Empire that led to their destruction. Even after their power collapsed, their language was preserved as the common speech of traders in western Tanathia.

  • Ruler: Mortal Emperors
  • Crown City: Skonusia
  • State Religion: Sakaorism
  • Provinces: Echaku, Garakia, Cha’aquoam, Na Kuk’ag, Thanchut
  • Allies: Wasathasan
  • Enemies: Vanotaqua, Raona, Danyubao, Ukuzecha