Namiva was a kingdom famed for its fine farmlands, poets and craftsmen. Most of its wizards dwelled in the Fortress of Casenkemar, which enclosed a Gateway to Askamar. People often travelled through the Gateway to speak with the immortals, and over the years an alliance was formed between the Namivans and the Ankaykari of Ebzazire.



When the mighty Kahuburan empire invaded Namiva, King Ekevias Gavirone sought help from his Ankaykari allies. Lord Tassedehami persuaded Lord Naskremari to send his Yanbukan forces to assist the Namivans, leading to a close alliance between the two lands.

The battles between Namiva and Kahubur were intense, but it was the treacherous wizard Rakkian who overthrew the royal Gavirone dynasty in the end. Rakkian murdered King Gavamian II and closed the Gateway of Casenkemar to keep the Ankaykari from avenging their allies.

Although Rakkian and his sons managed to hold Namiva together for the next twenty years, it was overrun during the reign of his grandson and absorbed into the Yabanadan Empire.