Janakeza was a powerful empire in eastern Udaris ruled by the immortal Lady Ruzenathra. Its people were fierce warriors who conquered most of the surrounding lands, exacting heavy tributes from their provinces. However, the empire fell after three hundred years and is now nothing but a hated memory.

Its last ruler was Ekanan Nutakawa II — a proud man who frequently questioned Ruzenathra’s will. He was determined to push Janakeza’s borders further east in order to seize more Gateways.

When the Janakezan army invaded the kingdom of Maeon, its people begged Liralian for help. Weakened by civil strife and the war against Liralian’s forces, the empire finally fell into the hands of rebels. Terrible slaughter ensued, to the horror of both Ankaykari.

Ruzenathra blamed Liralian for attempting to liberate the provinces, but she also blamed the Emperor Ekanan for refusing to obey her commands. When he fled to her Citadel for refuge, she had him executed.