Gabuwesu was a small kingdom once ruled by the immortal Lady Liralian. Its wizard-kings held court in the city of Tanhunu, but most of its people lived in scattered villages in the forests. Although the Gabuwesans considered themselves a peaceful nation, their warriors were known for their courage, and they took part in many of Liralian’s wars.

Gabuwesu traded with Danyubao through the Gateways, and over time the two cultures became closely mingled. When the land was conquered by Naskremari, many people took refuge in Liralian’s eastern territory. Those who remained were absorbed into the Yanoubukan Empire, but they continued to worship Uanosha and preserve the memory of Liralian’s rule.

  • Ruler: Liralian (later Naskremari)
  • Crown City: Jenuwan
  • State Religion: Uanoshasm
  • Allies: Danyubao, Elo-Olasha
  • Enemies: Yanoubuka