Gabakarua is an empire ruled by the immortal Lady Ruzenathra. It is known for its great walled cities, its wealth and its fearsome warriors. Ruzenathra is always seeking to expand the borders of her territory, and those neighboring kings who have not already given their allegiance to her are often forced to pay tribute.

The Gabakaruans pride themselves on their skill at seamanship as well as their courage in battle. Their merchants travel as far west as Yanoubuka and as far north-east as Ukuzecha to trade with the lands of Ruzenathra’s allies, returning with exotic luxury goods such as spice, incense and mahogany. However, most of the empire’s wealth comes from its famous gold mines.

  • Ruler: Ruzenathra
  • Crown City: Sarekorda
  • State Religion: Hazarakanism
  • Allies: Ukuzecha, Janakeza, Kebuzase, Jaskulon
  • Enemies: Karudaun, Jorundaz