Surug Seothra

Surug was the Royal Wizard of Eoradha during the reign of King Idhan II. Many people regarded him as the last true wizard in the land, for he had inherited the Staff of Tathural – the only magical artefact to remain from the time of Onadura.

Surug was also a prince of the Seothra dynasty, although he disliked attending court. While his eldest brother Idhan loved accumulating wealth and power, and his other brother Kanath sought glory in battle, Surug was far more interested in gathering knowledge. He could speak anevurah fluently, and much of his time was spent reading ancient histories. Sagha the Guide was the god to whom he most often prayed.

Surug felt deeply devoted to his family, and was especially close to his older sister Ileoda. He was not the bravest of men, and he often felt tormented by self-doubt because of this, but he could be reckless on occasion – especially if he felt that his kin needed his help.


As a prince, Surug was trained in combat along with his brothers, but he had no stomach for battle, and his father Raudhan finally allowed him to study spell-casting at the Wizards’ Tower of Arudha.

Surug was eager to learn, and the old Royal Wizard Yauna frequently remarked upon his cleverness, but his years at Arudha were not happy. Surug’s fellow apprentices Baonath and Jeon resented him deeply, claiming that Yauna only praised him because he was the king’s son. When he was finally granted the Staff of Tathural, he secretly wondered if he deserved it.

The festering animosity between Surug and Baonath turned to hatred when the newly-crowned King Idhan executed Baonath’s brother for treason. Years later, Baonath sought out the immortal Lord Daskesurul, who agreed to put Baonath’s nephew Nugra on the throne in return for the new king’s allegiance.

Idhan and Kanath were both slain in the battles which followed, and Nugra was proclaimed Vassal-King of Eoradha. The remaining Seothra forces were led by Kanath’s eldest son Dunagan. They all expected Surug to defend them from the Ankaykari, for he was the Royal Wizard, but he felt as helpless as them.

Finally, Surug and his son Kan journeyed into the Dimensions, hoping that they might find the means to save the kingdom.