The House of Seothra

The Seothras were a noble family who gained the throne of Eoradha after the last Gauran king, Danuga III, appointed his son-in-law Varug Seothra as his successor (Danuga’s only son Eradhan had died in battle against the Vunuthians, and his oldest nephew Norauth was known to be a drunkard).

Danuga declared that Varug would make the most worthy ruler, but Varug’s enemies muttered that he had killed Crown Prince Eradhan himself and then turned the grief-stricken old king against his own family.

After Danuga’s death, the Gaurans fiercely disputed Varug’s right to the throne. However, King Varug slew Norauth Gauran and his brother Ganauth during the Battle of Daudathu, securing his dynasty’s reign over Eoradha for the next three generations.