Nugra Gauran

nugra1Nugra was an embittered Eorashan nobleman who gave his allegiance to Lord Daskesurul and became his vassal-king.

Nugra’s father Daodhan had been one of the wealthiest lords in the kingdom, but he was executed for treason by King Idhan II when Nugra was just a boy, and most of the Gauran estates were seized by the crown.

Nugra grew up longing to avenge his father, destroy the Seothra Dynasty and restore the House of Gauran to its former glory. He had a quick temper, liked to drink and was prone to dark moods. Nugra had a close bond with his younger brothers Arag and Vanadhan, but his foremost advisor was his uncle, the Wizard Baonath.


Although the Eoradhans remembered Daskesurul as the ancient enemy of their people, Nugra greed to serve the immortal lord in order to bring about the destruction of the Seothras. He came to regret his decision, however.

Nugra may have gained the throne, but his subjects knew that he was no true king, and they hated him for allowing the Ankaykari to change their laws and customs.

Nugra felt humiliated, but there was nothing he could do – even when his own brother Arag was flogged for questioning Daskesurul. If he dared to defy his new overlord and somehow survived Daskesurul’s wrath, his rival Dunagan Seothra would swiftly destory him.

Nugra drank heavily to escape his misery. He quarrelled with Daskesurul’s Ukuzechan followers and blamed his uncle Baonath for advising him to serve the Ankaykari.