Dunagan Seothra

Dunagan was an Eoradhan lord who fought to oppose Vassal-King Nugra. King Idhan II was his uncle, while his father Kanath was a renowned war-leader. Both were slain when Nugra usurped the throne.

Dunagan was brave, proud and quick-tempered, and often quarreled with his younger brother Larn. Like most Eoradhan noblemen, he loved hunting and drinking, but he was also fascinated by tales of the Ankaykari – especially the bewitching ladies of Askamar.


When Lord Daskesurul attempted to re-conquer Eoradha with Nugra’s support, Dunagan felt as if the age of legends had returned. The Ankaykari lord proved a far more terrible adversary than he anticipated, however, and his dreams of winning glory evaporated as the might of the royal Seothra dynasty crumbled.

After his uncle, cousins and father were slain, Dunagan was recognized by many as King Idhan’s rightful heir, but the burden of authority lay heavy upon him – somehow he had to drive out Daskesurul’s armies and win back Eoradha’s freedom.

In the end, Dunagan sent his uncle, the Royal Wizard Surug, into the Dimensions in search of help. Although the Ankaykari were said to be dangerous, power-hungry tyrants, he was keen to form an alliance with one of Daskesurul’s enemies. His brother Larn called him a fool for trusting the immortals, but as far as Dunagan could see, the Eoradhans no longer had a choice.