Arag Gauran

Arag was the younger brother of Vassal-King Nugra of Eoradha. When he was a young boy his father Daodhan was accused of treason and executed by King Idhan II; ever since that day he loathed the Seothra Dynasty and was determined to see the power of the old Gauran kings restored.

Arag was a proud and intense man. The honour of his family meant everything to him, and he had little regard for his own safety. Arag felt uneasy when Nugra agreed to serve Lord Daskesurul in return for the Eoradhan throne, for the immortal lord had always been regarded as enemies of Eoradha, yet he did not think to question his older brother. He knew the Gaurans must stand together if they were to triumph.


Arag fought tirelessly to secure his brother’s throne. He rejoiced when King Idhan was finally slain, and he longed to bring about the destruction of the rest of the Seothra blood-line. However, it angered him to see how disdainfully the Gaurans and their supporters were treated by Daskesurul’s men, and he hated the new laws which the Ankaykari were imposing on Eoradha.

Finally Arag challenged Daskesurul, who had him thrown into the dungeons of Tangurial and punished. Arag expected Nugra to save him. He felt stunned and betrayed when his brother did nothing.

In the end Arag could endure his suffering no longer, and he begged Daskesurul’s forgiveness. The Ankaykari lord allowed him to return to Eoradha, thinking his will was broken, but Arag’s heart seethed with bitterness and fury.

Everything for which Arag had fought now felt like a lie. When the Ankaykari Lady Mormariul promised to grant him revenge on Daskesurul in return for his allegiance, he did not hesitate – even though it meant turning against his own family.