Eoradha was a powerful kingdom in western Udaris. The land was originally home to the Onadurans who served Lord Daskesurul, but they were overwhelmed by invaders from the northern isles after years of civil strife. For the next five centuries Eoradha remained free of Ankaykari influence.

While the Onadurans had been famed for their scholars and engineers, the Eoradhans were better known as warriors. The kings and nobles dedicated themselves to warfare and often raided the neighboring lands.

At first wizards were highly respected in Eoradhan society, having learned the arts of magery from the conquered Onadurans. However, their power faded over the centuries as the last of their azuhans lost their strength, and Eoradha never became as great as Onadura.

  • Ruler: Mortal kings
  • Crown City: Thadagru
  • Chief Gods: Adharan, the god of war; Fadaon, the  god of nature, farming and the family; Sagha the Guide, who inspired sages and bards and watched over wizards and travelers.


For many years Eoradha was ruled by the powerful Gauran Dynasty, but their supremacy came to an end when the only son of King Danuga II was killed in a war against the neighboring kingdom of Vunuthia.

Danuga passed the throne to his son-in-law Varug Seothra rather than to his nephew Norauth — the man who should have been his heir, but who was known as a liar and a drunk. The Gaurans disputed the Varug’s claim to the throne but were defeated in battle.

For the next two generations the Seothras were the unchallenged rulers of Eoradha. King Raudhan felt so secure in his authority that he even invited Lord Adath Gauran to court and appointed him as his chief advisor.

However, Raudhan’s successor Idhan declared that the Gaurans were potting treason. He besieged their stronghold at Edhuga, executed Adath’s oldest son Daodhan, and divided the Gauran lands among his own favored supporters. Years later, the Gauran wizard Baonath promised to return Eoradha to Daskesurul if he put Daodhan’s son Nugra on the throne.

The Seothra forces panicked when Daskesurul’s army poured through the Gateway at Arudha. Idhan and his sons were slain during the fall of Thadagru, and Nugra was declared king. However, everyone knew Daskesurul was the true ruler of the land once more.