Udaris is the mundane world from which all mortal beings originally came. Although it is largely governed by the laws of physics, it is also imbued with magic and is linked to the realm of Askamar through Gateways.

The immortal Ankaykari have always been fascinated by Udaris. To them, it is a place of beauty and mystery, bathed in golden sunlight or the silvery glow of the moon. They call it the Shifting World, because of its swiftly changing seasons, the rise and fall of its kingdoms, and the slow but ceaseless re-shaping of its landmasses.

A map of Udaris drawn in September 2017

This is an ‘in-progress’ map of Udaris, since its geography has been undergoing a re-design since 2017. Eventually I’ll produce a much nicer-looking version that includes labels!

Udaris has five known continents: Usathia, Oborsurea, Skanshuria, Tanurea and Zasulia. The lands around the north and south poles have never been fully explored.

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Ankaykari Territories

Famous Ankaykari Territories


Despite their arrogance towards mortal-kind, the Ankaykari take a keen interest in the civilizations, technological advances and cultural achievements of humans. Their Citadels are filled with books and artefacts collected from human cities, and they often welcome human envoys.

Even as they fight among themselves, the Ankaykari long to bring  order to the lands where humans dwell, and many Esu have established great empires in Udaris.