The immortal Lord ZotharanZotharan is often regarded as the greatest of the Nayusuru Ankaykari. He is proud, cunning and ambitious, ruthless in battle and skilled at manipulating others. The land where he dwells is known as Drakuzare.

It is said that Zotharan’s heart is like iron, for he is seldom swayed by emotion. He does not feel much respect for his rulers, considering them thoughtless and arrogant. He torments himself by longing for power which, as a Nayusuru, he can never gain. Some even believe he wrote The Citadel of the Mind – a work challenging the authority of the Esu.


Zotharan has served many rulers over the years, but for a long time he regarded Ruzenathra as the Esu most worthy of his allegiance. He likes her humor, admires her thirst for power, and is unfazed by her caustic temper. However, her arrogance annoys him. Zotharan wants her respect, but knows he will never have it, for he is merely a Nayusuru servant.


Zotharan’s most formidable allies are the warriors Xanuspari and Kurunari. They admire his cleverness, courage and skill in combat, and are usually content to let him lead them in battle. The three of them like to quarrel, and they do not always serve the same rulers, but Zotharan knows he can usually depend on them.

Zotharan also maintains an alliance with Canrasiul, a lower-ranking Nayusuru who keeps him informed of anything that might interest him. Canrasiul is a useful ally and an interesting companion, but Zotharan feels scornful of his slavish loyalty to the Esu, and wants to see him gain more self-esteem.

Although Zotharan regards sentiment as a weakness, he feels surprisingly fond of Erulorian, a low-ranking healer from Barezeth. She may be a pathetic fighter, but he respects her thoughtfulness and inner strength.

For Erulorian’s sake, Zotharan remained in Barezeth long after he had become disillusioned with its ideals, and he regrets the pain he caused her when he finally did betray Liralian.


For countless millennia, Zotharan followed whichever Esu he thought was most likely to bring him victory. Usually this was Ruzenathra, but he has also served Naskremari and even Daskesurul.

Zotharan believed that only power could keep him safe, and he was determined never to show weakness. The lower-ranking Nayusuru regarded him with fear, for although he sometimes showed kindness to the servants of his own court, he had no pity for those who displeased him.

Everyone was surprised, therefore, when Zotharan gave his allegiance to Liralian during the Sovereignty of Janzaris. Ruzenathra had finally angered him, and he felt intrigued by Liralian’s ideals. He wanted to see if she really would treat him like an equal.

Zotharan soon became disillusioned, but it amused him to remain and pick apart Liralian’s philosophy. For all her faults, she did let him debate with her.

Erulorian was the main reason he stayed, however. At first Zotharan had dismissed her as another low-ranking servant, but the more time he spent with her, the more he came to appreciate her patience, kindness and inner strength.

Zotharan returned to Ruzenathra’s side the moment war resumed, for she was a stronger ruler than Liralian, and he could never bear to let sentiment stand in the way of power. It was obvious to him that Liralian’s hopes of becoming sovereign were delusional – she was not nearly cunning or ruthless enough.

Liralian was disgusted by Zotharan’s treachery. She declared that he was too proud, and if he had any wisdom he would cease pursuing his vain ambitions and return to her court.

Zotharan did not allow her rage or Erulorian’s silent grief to sway him. When Liralian was captured by Ruzenathra, Erulorian begged him to help rescue her, but he refused. Only when Ruzenathra’s Citadel was stormed and Liralian was saved by her allies did Zotharan consider that he may have made a mistake – but he and Ruzenathra were soon plotting to regain their power.

During the Truce of Elanthar, Zotharan followed Ruzenathra into the Dimensions and took a great risk to bring her the Xathun Stone – the jewel she used to forge her greatest weapon. She promised that she would never forget what he had done for her, but it was not long before her gratitude faded. Zotharan told himself that he did not care, as long as she became Sovereign and he ranked foremost among the Nayusuru.

Zotharan hoped that he and Erulorian might be reconciled after Ruzenathra’s enemies had been crushed and the Sovereignty of Shekruvaris was established. However, Erulorian just looked upon him with sorrow whenever they met. Zotharan understood that this was because he had betrayed her dream of a ‘better world’, and sometimes he even felt sorry.

Zotharan was dismayed to see how despotic his ruler was becoming during the Sovereignty of Shekruvaris. When Ruzenathra decided to place Erulorian under the power of Liralian’s old enemy Lord Daskesurul, he finally decided that it was time to betray her. In his heart, he still shared Liralian’s anger at the injustices of society, and she was the ruler whom he chose to serve after bringing about Ruzenathra’s downfall.


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