A portrait of Zotharan created with CA3Zotharan is considered the greatest warrior among the Nayusuru Ankaykari. He is proud, cunning and ambitious, ruthless in battle and skilled at manipulating others. Even his friends say that his heart is like iron, for he seldom lets sentiment sway him.

Zotharan torments himself by longing for the power which, as a Nayusuru, he can never obtain. He has served many Esu over the centuries, following whoever he thinks most likely to win. Ruzenathra is possibly his favorite. He likes her humor, admires her thirst for power, and is unfazed by her caustic temper. However, her arrogance annoys him.

Zotharan’s most formidable allies are his fellow-warriors Xanuspari and Kurunari. They appreciate his cleverness, courage and skill in combat, and are usually content to let him lead them in battle. The three of them like to quarrel, and they do not always serve the same rulers, but Zotharan knows he can usually depend on them.