A portrait of Zakrusepi by LouisaZakrusepi is the self-proclaimed Lord of the Dragonlands, which include Zaresnar and the mundane empire of Ukuzecha. Having devoured the heart of Lord Daskesurul, Zaresnar’s former Ankaykari ruler, he has become seemingly invincible.

Zakrusepi is greatly admired by some, while others distrust his ambition. Some call him insane and despotic, saying that he tries to emulate the Ankaykari by living in a palace and commanding human subjects. However, he regards himself as the champion of his people, liberating them from Ankaykari tyranny and reclaiming what is theirs.

Zakrusepi is fierce and ambitious. He has no patience for subtlety, preferring to be blunt and direct. However, he also has a questioning mind and a sense of humour. Others may heap criticisms upon him, but he holds fast to his vision – the restoration of his people’s ancient glory, which they can only achieve by working together.

  • Race: Dragon
  • Family: Zakrusepi is the son of Hagorzardul and Gezagra. His mother was crippled when he was young, so he was raised by his aunt Banaugra and his grandmother Yaskural. He has a full-blooded brother, Jagrothazri, and a half-brother, Skurmondul.
  • Mage rank: Akes-Dakrasu