The immortal Lady YephasureYephasure is a Nayusuru Ankaykari who serves the Court of Nezruthar. The other immortals consider her mysterious, for she hides in the shadows and is seldom heard to speak. Her land is known as Velsamere.

Yephasure is a great enchantress, and is also highly skilled in the subtle spells of scrying, illusion and concealment. She tries to reveal as little as possible about herself, for she fears that stronger Esu will seek her allegiance and try to break her will if she comes to their attention. Over the years she has seen so many people crushed by the powerful. Takanepi is the only Esu she trusts.


Yephasure has served Lord Takanepi since time immemorial, silently moving through the gatherings of the Ankaykari and telling him of everything that happens in the realm. Unlike most Esu, he treats his servants with kindness and respect, and allows them to hold their own opinions.

Yephasure loves Takanepi for his gentleness, thoughtfulness and courage, seeing a side to him that few others appreciate. She does not bother to tell him all of her plans, for she knows that he is not interested in schemes and intrigues, but she always works to further his aims.


Yephasure has been alone in the Court of Nezruthar for a long time, but once she had Vusashare and Olemnashial as companions. The three were very close, sharing a love of art and subtle plots, but they have since become estranged, for Vusashare was captured in battle and Olemnashial joined another court.

Yephasure remembers them fondly. She still sometimes speaks with Olemnashial, although her old friend does not have so much time for her anymore.

During the Sovereignty of Shekruvaris, Takanepi welcomed Carashanza and Quenezarea into his court. Yephasure gets on well with Quenezarea, who is quiet and artistic like herself. She is not so fond of Carashanza, for she considers her blunt and arrogant, and is riled by her lack of respect for Takanepi. However, the pair of them are willing to work together when they must.


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