The immortal lord Yazelern, ruler of the Court of Thasenare.Yazelern is the immortal lord who rules the Court of Thasenare. He is regarded as the most gracious and diplomatic of the Esu, for he believes in compromise and values eloquence over courage in battle.

Yazelern’s allies are frustrated by his caution, but they appreciate his patience and pragmatism. Although all Ankaykari can be fearsome, Yazelern is better than most at keeping his temper. He is generous and sympathetic towards his followers and shows mercy to defeated foes.

Like his friend Liralian, Yazelern hopes to create a more just society. He rules the kingdom of Arunisa – a land known for its peace and prosperity. He dislikes becoming involved in mundane conflicts but will help his allies when he must, usually by supplying their armies. While others seek to conquer new lands, he believes his duty is to ensure the welfare of those who are already loyal.

Yazelern by Maggie

Artwork by Maggie

Race: Ankaykari

Status: Esu

Court: Yazelern is the Lord of Thasenare. He is regarded as a gracious ruler – even if he can be rather vain. Appearances are important to him, but he also respects the wishes of his servants. He is kinder than he appears, and feels a great sense of duty to his people. Above all, he hopes to create a more just society where no-one has to fear the tyranny of the powerful.

Yazelern traditionally has the allegiance of three Nayusuru servants: Arellesria, Larthesiul and Olemnashial. Although none are great fighters, they bring prestige to his court. Arellesria and Olemnashial are fine musicians, while Larthesiul is a healer.

Arellesria is the most politically astute of the three. Yazelern is deeply fond of her, but sometimes considers her too scheming. He is equally fond of Olemnashial, who is sweet and gentle. Larthesiul is an interesting companion, and while he can seem aloof, Yazelern knows that he is no less loyal than the others.

Home: Yazelern’s Citadel is called Zhemshorpel. It is an imposing edifice of yellow stone, with soaring towers, graceful arches and balconies twined with flowers.

Friends: Yazelern is most famously allied with Liralian. However, while her admires her nobility, he fears that she is too stubborn and reckless to make a good ruler. He often worries about her emotional welfare and seeks to divert her with music and conversation. They often visit each other’s Citadels to discuss philosophy, and sometimes he even manages to make her smile.

Yazelern’s other close ally is Tassedehami, who appreciates his political maneuverings and can usually be relied on to support his endeavors. Tassedehami is a complicated, unpredictable friend, but Yazelern is one of the few Esu who understands him well – perhaps because Tassedehami considers him worth confiding in.

Enemies: Yazelern tries to avoid making enemies, but has clashed with Ruzenathra more than once. He fears her insatiable ambition and knows she has no respect for him.
Interests / Pastimes: Yazelern loves history, art, poetry and music. His library is famous, and his is also known for hosting the most lavish banquets in the realm.

Mundane Land: Arunisa

Mortal Consort: Yazelern married Besareda of Uorn. She was a bold and fiery character who often felt jealous of the immortal ladies of his court, but he loved her dearly and was always faithful to her.

Offspring: Yazelern has a daughter called Ilsendra, whom he has appointed as Arch-mage of Arunisa. Although he loves her, he also feels disappointed with her, considering her vain, selfish and lazy.