The immortal lady XessuralenXessuralen is an Ankaykari who traditionally serves the Court of Burshnar. As one of the most skilled fighters in Askamar, she holds a high rank among the Nayusuru. She is also an excellent military tactician, and often endures the discomfort of the mundane world so that she can lead her ruler’s armies into battle. Her land is known as Karshulure.

Despite her intimidating reputation, Xessuralen pities the weak and seeks a meaning to existence that goes beyond the fight for power. She hates looking weak herself, and seldom lets others know when she is hurt or afraid.

Xessuralen sees the world an unpleasant place that she must struggle to put right. She often feels that she must be ruthlessly pragmatic in order to succeed, but since the Truce of Elanthar she has tried to embrace a less violent way of life.


For countless centuries, Xessuralen served as second-in-command to Lord Naskremari of Burshnar. She admired his strength and courage – and he, in turn, treated her with far more respect than he showed his other servants. However, as the years passed, Xessuralen came to believe that Naskremari was too harsh, proud and stubborn. His hunger for power seemed to blind him to his higher ideals.

Xessuralen decided that Liralian of Barezeth seemed a more enlightened ruler, so she joined her court during the final years of the Truce of Elanthar. Naskremari was wounded by her ‘treachery’, but she felt that she had no choice – she wanted to help Liralian bring reform to society, while he felt nothing but scorn for the new ideals she now championed.

Unlike Zotharan – who had joined Barezeth then betrayed it during the Sovereignty of Janzaris – Xessuralen earnestly tried to overcome her aggressive ways and live by Liralian’s philosophy.

Liralian appreciated Xessuralen’s dedication, but they did not find each other easy to understand. Xessuralen began to think that Liralian was too much of a dreamer, and Liralian was upset by the admiration Xessuralen continued to feel for Naskremari.

During the last years of the Shekruvaris, Barezeth was divided and Xessuralen was forced to return to Burshnar. To her surprise, Naskremari had changed since their last meeting; he now seemed more willing to listen to her ideas. Gradually, he began to regain Xessuralen’s trust and respect, and she now feels deeply loyal to him.


Although Xessuralen cares about the other servants of her court, she can appear cold and unapproachable. Tarissarul and Esephrul are grateful for her strength during times of war, and they respect her authority as Naskremari’s highest-ranking servant, but they are not truly friends.

Drathessa is the Nayusuru with whom Xessuralen shares the closest bond. They understand each other well, for they are both hardened warriors who find it hard to express their emotions. They often duel together, honing their fighting skills. Xessuralen also frequently duels with Xanuspari, Kurunari and Zotharan, but she views them more as rivals.