The immortal lord XanuspariXanuspari is a high-ranking Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Xahakur. He loves battle and is known for his skill at forging weapons, but he can also be stubborn, brash and impulsive.

Xanuspari has no respect for those who cannot fight. He gets bored when he has no one to duel with him, and is always looking for a worthy challenge. His friends tell him that his obsession with battle gets tedious sometimes, but Xanuspari feels a constant need to prove himself.

Xanuspari believes that a Nayusuru’s pride should lie in the strength of their court. He thinks that honor and skill in combat are what the Esu most value, so these are the qualities in which he seeks to excel. However, his quick-temper, pride and impatience make him bad at following orders.


Xanuspari is devoted to Lady Ruzenathra. He is without doubt the most faithful of her followers – when she was cast into Garashent during the Sovereignty of Janzaris, he alone waited outside the gates for her to be freed.

Xanuspari adores Ruzenathra for her fiery courage, her determination and her skill in battle. In his opinion, she treats her Nayusuru servants with honor and respect – most of the time, at least.

However, they do quarrel. Xanuspari does not take criticism well and hates to have his opinions dismissed, while Ruzenathra claims to find him exasperating. Xanuspari’s friends tell him that he is foolish to care so much about Ruzenathra, for she sees him as nothing more than a servant, but he thinks that Nayusuru ought to be devoted to their rulers.


Most Nayusuru find Xanuspari disconcerting company, but those few who have gained his loyalty know that he makes a brave and steadfast friend.

Xanuspari’s closest companions are Kurunari and Zotharan. They often fight, and Xanuspari is displeased by the fickleness of their allegiance to Ruzenathra, but he respects them both – even if Zotharan is always scheming and Kurunari likes to taunt him. If he ever encounters a problem, they are the ones to whom he turns for help.