The immortal lord Vusashare, a servant of the Court of Imbire.Vusashare is an Ankaykari who serves the Court of Imbire. He is among the most sensitive of the immortals, but he keeps his emotions hidden beneath a mask of serenity because he feels that silence is easier than self-expression. He hates to cause conflict, and even his anger is icily subdued.

Reality is painful to Vusashare, so he retreats into the world of art, creating beautiful paintings, poetry and music. When he feels inspired he can be highly imaginative, but mostly he just makes art to please others. When he is not attending his ruler or working on his current artisitc projects, he spends his time roaming the lovely beaches of Surmanalle, seemingly lost in dreams.

Long ago, Vusashare served Lord Takanepi, but his Citadel was stormed by Lord Daskesurul during some distant war. Daskesurul decided that his new servant would be better suited to the court of his ally, Lady Saroparel, so he sent Vusashare to Imbire. Vusashare served Saroparel faithfully ever since, for he no longer has the strength of will to defy any Esu.

Saroparel favors Vusashare highly for his talents, but he feels oppressed by her regime. He often is forced to copy out the same texts, compose music on the same theme and paint the same birds over and over again. Most of the time he feels tired and melancholy. Vusashare can see that Saroparel is far too rigid in her thinking and that she causes herself much grief, but he also understands that she does not wish to hear anything he says.

Vusashare supposes that he ought to be friends with Saroparel’s other servant, Gesmoriul, but he gets weary of Gesmoriul’s criticisms and he hates Gesmoriul’s topiary gardens. Gesmoriul calls him whimsical and foolish, while he thinks Gesmoriul is tedious company.

Artwork featuring Vusashare