Tassedehami is the immortal lord who rules the Court of Ebzazire. Although he can be a fierce fighter, he dislikes conflict and prefers to get what he wants through diplomacy and guile.

Tassedehami is highly sensitive to the emotions of others, and knows how to turn them to his advantage. Sometimes he seems cool, astute and perceptive. At other times he becomes caught up in his own emotions, making him impulsive and irrational. Tassedehami recognizes this as a weakness, and likes to surround himself with calm, measured people.

Tassedehami respects the opinions of his followers more than most Esu and is exceedingly generous towards those he likes. This does not prevent him from being ruthless, cunning and pragmatic, especially when it comes to defending his court. His enemies consider him foolishly sentimental, and are often shocked to find that he has out-maneuvered them.

Tassedehami maintains many alliances, but his closest friend is Yazelern, whom he admires for his patience and tact. He also feels sympathy for Liralian, for she is one who follows her heart – even if she criticizes him for being too changeable. Tassedehami would be glad to see either one of them become sovereign, but he does not reveal this because he fears angering Naskremari – a proud and difficult ally, but one who at least has the strength to protect him from his enemies.

Artwork featuring Tassedehami


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