A portrait of Takanepi created using Profantasy's Character Artist 3Takanepi is the immortal lord who rules the Court of Nezruthar. Unlike other Esu, he is not obsessed with increasing his power – all he wants is to govern his own lands in peace.

To the outside world, Takanepi appears cold, haughty and disparaging. However, he is a dutiful ruler, willing to bear any burden for the sake of his court. While Takanepi is drawn to Liralian’s philosophy, he has concluded that it is futile to attempt to change anything. He stands aloof from the power-struggles of the Esu, for he finds them tiresome.

Takanepi was a close friend of Mormariul before her mind became twisted by hatred. He saw the pain the latter years of her regime brought to Udaris, but he feared that imprisoning her would only plunge her empire into violent turmoil and allow a mortal tyrant to seize power.

In the end, Takanepi’s attempts to heal Mormariul’s mind proved in vain, and she caused him great anguish before she finally threw herself into the Abyss. Since then, Takanepi has rarely taken part in politics. However, his son Mendaran is the most powerful of the Kaniyari, and he spends his time protecting the lands that were once part of Mormariul’s empire.

Race: Ankaykari

Status: Esu

Court: Takanepi rules the Court of Nezruthar. For centuries his only companion was Yephasure, but after Mormariul threw herself into the Abyss, he granted his protection to her former servants.

Carashanza and Quenezarea had both been sorely mistreated by Mormariul, but Takanepi has tried to help them recover from their emotional scars. They are both intensely loyal to him – even if Carashanza feels frustrated by his lack of ambition.

Home: Takanepi’s Citadel is Daramorag, also known as the Fortress of the Gales because of the relentless icy winds that howl around its towers. Much of his time is spent strengthening its formidable wards.

Intersts / Pastimes: Takanepi enjoys the peace and solitude of his lands, but he also loves music. He likes reading, composing, carving sculptures from ice and admiring art (especially the books of intricate geometric patterns that the Ankaykari call Jesemea).

Mundane Lands: Takanepi believes it is folly for Ankaykari to seek to rule the human world.

Liralian once persuaded him to become involved in mundane conflicts, but this ended with the fall of Janakeza. Takanepi was horrified by the violent uprising that tore the empire apart, and promised never to ‘meddle’ in the human world again, even though Liralian insisted it was his duty to help humankind.

Later, Takanepi was given the task of governing Vanotaqua after Mormariul relinquished her authority over the empire. He tried his best to bring justice to the land, but Vanotaqua soon fell to the rebellious Prince Gaxam, and it was not reconquered until several decades later by Takanepi’s son.

Mortal consort: Takanepi has only ever loved one mortal – Wanoa of Kayaga. He used to regard humans as false-hearted villains, but he abandoned his prejudices when he beheld Wanoa’s kindness, honor and courage. Wanoa was smitten with him, and he soon came to return her love, although he feared that a mortal and an immortal could never be happy together.

Offspring: Takanepi has a son called Mendaran. Born during the Storms, he is unusually powerful for a Kaniyari. Takanepi considers his son reckless, arrogant and irreverent, but it is clear to everyone that Mendaran takes after him. Although they do not always see each others’ point-of-view, Takanepi dearly loves his son.


Long ago, Takanepi ruled a court renowned for its wintry splendor. His three servants were the enchantress Yephasure, the illusionist Vusashare and the minstrel Olemnashial. Then Vusashare was captured in battle and Olemnashial chose to serve another Esu. Only Yephasure remained. For years afterwards, Takanepi lost all interest in the politics of the realm. He withdrew to his Citadel, where he wrote music and perfected his wards.

Takanepi’s only ally was Mormariul, who loved him dearly. Beyond her passion and pride, he saw a tender side to her that few others witnessed. Mormariul had fought hard and suffered much for the sake of her mortal subjects, and although she spoke of winning power, he knew that all she really wanted was to defend her lands.

However, Takanepi also loved Liralian for the beauty and nobility of her ideals. There were many who saw that Ankaykari society was unjust, but only Liralian was willing to strive for change. While the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars raged across the realm, she and Takanepi used to meet in the Vale of Ilayath to discuss their dream of a better world.

Liralian promised that if Takanepi became her vassal, they could reform the realm together. He did not believe her, however, and he was dismayed by the quarrels between her and Mormariul – Liralian considered Mormariul selfish and arrogant, while Mormariul thought that Liralian was a foolish dreamer. Takanepi persuaded them to ally so that they might defend each other’s courts, but their hostility did not abate.

The ‘Alliance of the Outer Reaches’ became even more strained when Mormariul started heeding the advice of her mortal lover Hakenar. Takanepi was appalled when she captured Drathessa and hideously maimed Tassedehami in an attempt to storm his Citadel.

The fear of losing Takanepi’s friendship seemed to bring Mormariul back to her senses, and she claimed to feel remorse. However, after Hakenar betrayed and imprisoned her, she lost all reason. Her empire descended into tyranny, and she unjustly blamed Liralian for the pain she had suffered. Liralian called Mormariul a deranged tyrant while Mormariul called Liralian a manipulative hypocrite who was trying to ruin her existence.

Their feud only ended when Mormariul destroyed Liralian’s Citadel, then trapped both her and Takanepi in her warded stronghold. Mormariul threw herself into the Abyss when her wards were broken, while Liralian remained a traumatized wreck for years afterwards.

Takanepi blames himself. He had defended Mormariul when the other Esu wanted her imprisoned in Garashent, for he hoped that he could heal her mind and spare her empire from greater turmoil. He now keeps Mormariul under guard in his Citadel, endeavoring to atone for his mistakes by ensuring that she can never hurt anyone again.