The immortal Lady Ruzenathra, ruler of the Court of VeskansareRuzenathra is the Esu Ankaykari who rules the Court of Veskansare. She is ruthless and daring, quick to laugh and quick to anger, but she can be patient when she considers it necessary. Sometimes, she can even be charming. Some are drawn by her strong character and dry wit, while others call her a tyrant.

Ruzenathra is known for her love of battle and her skill at forging weapons. She loathes giving her allegiance to others, and even when she does agree to serve one of her allies or rivals, she is always scheming for power. In 1225 EA Ruzenathra forged the infamous Scepter of Xathun and broke the Truce of Elanthar, establishing the Sovereignty of Shekruvaris. Although that Sovereignty has now fallen, she is still considered a formidable ruler.

Mundane Lands

Ruzenathra rules Gabakarua, a land famed for its warriors and explorers, and she is eager to expand its borders across the whole mundane world. She also ruled Janakeza until Liralian’s machinations resulted in its downfall. Ruzenathra never liked Liralian, and since Janakeza’s collapse she has regarded her with withering scorn.

Nayusuru Servants

Ruzenathra admires courage and believes her Nayusuru servants should be free to speak their minds – as long as they ultimately conform to her will. She thinks that those Esu who continually crush their servants down are being foolish. However, she will not tolerate ‘disrespect’ and is brutal towards those who displease her.

Ruzenathra traditionally commands the allegiance of the three fiercest Nayusuru fighters – Zotharan, Xanuspari and Kurunari. While they sometimes betray her, Ruzenathra believes she is the only Esu truly worthy of their loyalty.

Of the three, Xanuspari is her favorite, although she enjoys playing strategic board-games with Kurunari. Ruzenathra recognizes that Zotharan is the most impressive, but she is also slightly wary of him. It can be a struggle to impose her will upon her servants, especially when they join forces against her, but she feels that their skill in battle more than compensates for their defiance.

Allies and Rivals

Ruzenathra’s favored ally is Naskremari. She respects his courage and feels genuine affection for him, even if he is stubborn, arrogant and obtuse. She also likes his enemy Daskesurul, who is a clever and interesting companion. Ruzenathra has manipulated them both on occasion, but she considers them worthy rivals.

Ruzenathra’s most common foe is Tassedehami, who is always scheming against her. She claims to feel scorn for him, but she acknowledges that he can be fearsome when he is forced into battle, and he has thwarted her too many times to be underestimated.

Ruzenathra’s other hated enemy is Liralian. She understands that Liralian means well, but she sees her a meddlesome idealist, and is tired of hearing her ‘harping on’ about the ‘so-called tyranny’ of the Esu. It bemuses her that some people are still taken in by Liralian’s words.


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