The immortal Lady QuenezareaQuenezarea is a Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the wintery land of Kayuvare. She is fairly skilled in battle, but her greatest talents are painting and music.

To most, Quenezarea seems like a cold, dull person. She seldom speaks, and favors colorless garments, for she thinks that it is not right for a servant to express themselves too much. Change terrifies her and she finds it hard to trust others. Although few people know it, she once made a binding promise that now forces her to obey whichever Esu she serves without question.


Quenezarea used to serve the Court of Imbire before her Citadel was conquered by Lady Mormariul of Zepzaris. Although it was very long ago, the memory of her years under Saroparel’s regime remain with her, and she still clings to Imbire’s ideals even though they left her emotionally crushed.

Mormariul told Quenezarea to be glad that she had been ‘rescued’ from Saroparel’s tyranny, and so Quenezarea tried to be happy in Zepzaris. When Mormariul complained that her Imbirean ways were overly humble and dreary, she tried to express herself more. She dedicated herself to honing her fighting skills because that was what Mormariul most valued.

Mormariul’s later descent into mental instability left Quenezarea traumatized. For years she endeavored to endure Mormariul’s cruelty and soothe her hysterical moods, but she could feel her own sanity cracking under the strain. Deep in her heart, she wished that Mormariul’s ally Takanepi would rescue her from the Court of Zepzaris.

Finally Quenezarea was cast out from Zepzaris, leaving her free to grant Takanepi her allegiance.

The rest of the realm despised her for having remained loyal to the insane tyrant Mormariul for so long, but Takanepi knew of her binding promise, and he has always treated her with compassion. He is careful in the way that he phrases his requests, for he does not want her to feel compelled to obey him. Quenezarea is grateful for his kindness, and feels utterly devoted to him.


Quenezarea has often been without friends, for she feels anxious about trusting others. When Carashanza first joined Zepzaris, having rescued Mormariul from the dungeons of her former ruler Daskesurul, Quenezarea found it hard to welcome her into the court. She thought Carashanza was self-serving, scheming and arrogant, while Carashanza clearly regarded her as a pathetic fool.

It was years before they began to trust and respect each other. Finally, however, their shared experiences forged a strong friendship between them. Sometimes Quenezarea still finds Carashanza hard to understand, and she does not approve of her ‘audacity’ towards the Esu, but she admires her inner strength. Most of all, she is grateful to finally have someone she can call a friend.


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