The immortal lady OlemnashialOlemnashial is a Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in Ummere and traditionally serves the Court of Thasenare.  She is generous, fun-loving and kind, and is famed for her skill at music and dancing.

Some people call Olemnashial frivolous, since she is more absorbed in her creative endeavors than in power-struggles or ideological debates. Olemnashial retorts that at least she is bringing beauty and happiness to the world.

Olemnashial thinks that the Ankaykari torment themselves by striving after the impossible, and she tells them that power cannot solve everything. However, she acknowledges that the world can be a dark and frightening place, and strongly believes that people need to be more compassionate towards each other.


Olemnashial is loyal to Lord Yazelern of Thasenare. She loves him dearly, regarding him as the most kind, gracious and charming of the Esu. Everyone was taken aback, therefore, when she gave her allegiance to Yazelern’s ally Liralian during the Truce of Elanthar.

Olemnashial hated leaving Yazelern’s court, for she knew how wounded he would feel, but she wanted to do more to help the world and bring about the social reform Liralian spoke of. Life in the Court of Barezeth was harder than she had anticipated, however.

While Olemnashial admired Liralian’s nobility, she also found her aloof, joyless and critical. She tried to suggest that there was nothing to be gained by endlessly dwelling on all the sorrow and hardship in the world, but Liralian rebuked her for being self-absorbed. Olemnashial could not help feeling that she had made a mistake in joining Barezeth.

Despite this, she remained loyal through many harrowing times, including the breaking of the Truce of Elanthar and the destruction of Quoraloresea. Liralian felt that she had proven her courage, and said that she would understand if Olemnashial wished to return to Thasenare, but Olemnashial stood by her until the Sovereign of Shekruvaris finally tore Barezeth apart.

Olemnashial returned to Yazelern’s court during the final years of Shekruvaris, and has remained with him ever since. She feels that the Court of Thasenare is where she truly belongs.


Olemnashial is able to charm most people with her sweet and joyous nature. Her dearest friend is Arellesria,the highest-ranking servant of Thasenare. They both love music, fine clothes, poetry and dancing, and they adore arranging banquets. Olemnashial is also fond of Yazelern’s other servant, Larthesiul, although she thinks he can be too somber.

Artwork of Olemnashial and Arellesria by Louisa
Olemnashial and Arellesria by Louisa

Beyond the Court of Thasenare, Olemnashial’s closest friend is Iruzathe. She has always loved his gentle nature, been intrigued by his enquiring mind and admired his grace and tact. It grieved her to see him under the power of the tyrannous Esu lord who conquered his Citadel during the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars, and she was glad when he eventually found the courage to break away.


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