A portrait of Olemnashial created using CA3Olemnashial is an immortal who traditionally serves the Court of Thasenare. She is fun-loving and kind, and is celebrated for her skill at music and dancing.

Some people call Olemnashial frivolous, since she is more absorbed in her creative endeavours than in power-struggles. Olemnashial retorts that at least she is bringing beauty and happiness to the world. She thinks that the Ankaykari torment themselves by striving after the impossible, and she tells them that power cannot solve everything.

Olemnashial’s dearest friend is Arellesria, the highest-ranking servant of Thasenare. They both love music, fine clothes, poetry and dancing, and they adore arranging banquets. Olemnashial is also fond of Larthesiul, although she thinks he can be too sombre.

  • Race: Ankaykari
  • Rank: Nayusuru
  • Home: Olemnashial dwells in Ummere, a land of glittering lakes and flowery forests that slowly give way to barren, windswept wastes.