The immortal lord Naskremari, ruler of the Court of BurshnarNaskremari is the immortal who rules the Court of Burshnar. His enemies call him blunt and slow-witted, but he is not impressed by flattery, and few mortals succeed in deceiving him. He believes that integrity and strength are what matter most. Subtle political maneuverings irritate him.

Naskremari used to be regarded with fear by his followers, for he was fierce-tempered and unwilling to tolerate even the slightest challenge to his authority. However, he always had a strong sense of honor, and during the latter years of Shekruvaris he came to regret the way he had treated those under his power.

Since the fall of Shekruvaris, Naskremari has endeavored to curb his temper and build a better relationship his Nayusuru servants. He feels ashamed of the person he used to be, and he hopes to become worthy of their true loyalty. He has even come to respect Liralian – an Esu whom he previously regarded as an idealistic fool.

Race: Ankaykari

Status: Esu

Court: Naskremari rules the Court of Burshnar. His highest-ranking servant is the warrior Xessuralen. His other servants are Tarissarul and Esephrul.

Home: Naskremari’s Citadel is called Baskranase.

Interests / Pastimes: Naskremari is a courageous warrior, and is famed for his skill at forging weapons. He especially enjoys dueling with Xessuralen.

Friends: Naskremari finds it hard to maintain alliances, for he has no patience for diplomacy. Tassedehami is the ally who most often stands by him, being one of the few Esu able to endure his pride and tactlessness.

Naskremari’s other friend is Ruzenathra. She seems to appreciate his qualities, and while her dishonorable tactics anger him, he still admires her strength. When they are not at war, Ruzenathra is one of the few people who knows how to charm him.

Mundane Lands: Naskremari once ruled the mighty Yanbukan empire, but he has now granted the empire to his son Naskaran to govern on his behalf.

Mortal consort: Naskremari is only known to have fallen in love with one mortal woman, Alranisha of Aumoreya, who came to Burshnar seeking his help after her homeland was conquered by the Sakruans.

Offspring: Naskaran has two sons, Naskaran and Mazern, and a daughter called Zhurenissa. He loves them dearly, and is dismayed by their quarrels.

Naskaran is the one who takes after Naskremari the most – although he has also inherited the ‘cunning mind’ of his human mother. Mazern and Zhurenissa are less concerned with their duty to Yanbuka, but Naskremari loves them no less for it, and is always ready to defend them.