The immortal lord Naskremari, ruler of the Court of BurshnarNaskremari rules the Court of Burshnar. He is stern, fierce-tempered and unwilling to tolerate even the slightest challenge to his authority. However, he also has a strong sense of honor.

Naskremari’s rivals call him blunt and slow-witted, but he is not impressed by flattery, and few mortals succeed in deceiving him. He believes integrity and strength are what matter most. Subtle political maneuverings irritate him. His main concerns are the loyalty of his servants, the might of his army and the prosperity of his lands.

Naskremari has little patience for diplomacy and finds it hard to maintain alliances. Tassedehami is the ally who most often stands by him,  being one of the few Esu able to endure his pride and temper. Naskremari feels irritated by Tassedehami’s political ‘games’, and considers him too dithering, weak-willed and sentimental. Despite this, Tassedehami’s cunning and diplomatic skill have served him well on many occasions.

Artwork featuring Naskremari


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