The immortal Lady Mormariul, ruler of the Court of ZepzarisThe immortal lady Mormariul is regarded with terror by mortal-kind and loathed by all other Esu aside from Takanepi, who watches her with silent grief.

Mormariul was not always reviled by the realm. She used to admire humans for their courage and resourcefulness, and spent more time in the mundane world than most Esu. However, she changed after being betrayed by her mortal lover Hakenar. Over time, Mormariul became so violent and unstable that the Ankaykari considered her insane.

Mormariul often acted without thinking and then blamed others for her mistakes. All she cared about was bringing pain to her enemies. Inside, she felt hurt, vulnerable and terrified that her remaining companions would leave her. Takanepi tried to make her acknowledge the suffering caused by her regime, but she could not bring herself to accept any blame.

In the end, Mormariul threw herself into the fires of the Abyss, for she no longer felt able to endure her existence. By the time Takanepi rescued her, the years of pain had left her mindless. Mormariul gradually recovered her memories and now wishes to atone, but she accepts that she must remain under guard in Daramorag.


Race: Ankaykari

Status: Esu

Court: Mormariul once ruled the Court of Zepzaris. Her two servants where Quenezarea and Carashanza, both of whom silently longed to escape from her. Since Mormariul’s return from the Abyss, she has dwelled in Takanepi’s Court of Nezruthar.

Home: Mormariul’s Citadel is called Gennezra, but it is now a crumbling ruin that she has not seen in years. Instead she resides in a heavily-warded tower in Daramorag.

Skills / Interests: Mormariul is a great warrior and weapon-smith. Her most famous creations are the sword Narongaztar and the Scepter of Zusha-Sanard.

Allies: Mormariul’s only friend is Takanepi. He has endless patience for Mormariul’s rages and her tears, and she remembers that they once loved each other dearly. She used to feel frustrated by his apathy. Now she is simply grateful for his companionship.

Enemies: Mormariul is despised by the rest of her people, and she once hated them in return. She craved revenge on Daskesurul, and especially loathed Liralian, whom she considered a self-righteous hypocrite. Mormariul now deeply regrets the hatred she felt and the pain she has caused, for she can see that Liralian never deserved it.

Mundane Lands: Mormariul used to rule the mighty Vanotaquan empire, but she lost her grip on power over the years, and the nobility became increasingly despotic. They plundered the coasts of Tuyaz-Oa and Ukuzecha, and sought to enslave the people of the Gahuzan island-kingdoms. Mormariul eventually relinquished her authority to Takanepi, but he was unable to keep the empire from falling to human rebels.

Mortal consorts: Mormariul’s most famous mortal lover was Hakenar, a Garakian wizard-king who deceived her and trapped her in the mundane world. Since then, she has found it hard to trust anyone. Many people assume that she and Ongrat were lovers, but they were not.


Mormariul was always proud and passionate, but there was a time when her name did not strike dread into others. She used to respect the Treaty of Nenathal. Despite this, she always felt that a ruler had to be ‘strong’, and therefore feared by their enemies.

Mormariul’s dearest friend was Takanepi. Of all the Esu, he was the only one she trusted. He knew how to calm her wrath, soothe her pain and make her laugh with his wry observations. However, he also liked listening to Liralian – an Esu who called Mormariul selfish and violent.

Mormariul felt eaten up with jealousy when she saw the bond between Takanepi and Liralian deepening. She had always stood by him, ever ready to help defend his lands, yet he preferred the company of a useless, idealistic fool who clearly despised her.

Mormariul fought hard and suffered terribly during the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars. Her Citadel was stormed by her enemy Daskesurul, and when she finally escaped back to her lands, she found that the Vanotaquan vassal-emperor Tanadeyel had betrayed her. Mormariul killed the man in fury, but her beloved empire was plunged into decades of turmoil as a result.

Mormariul finally restored order with the help of a foreign wizard called Hakenar Vakagia. He was a man with grand ambitions, and he urged Mormariul to become more ruthless. She fell in love with him, granted him Narongaztar and placed him on the throne of Vanotaqua.

Takanepi hated the influence Hakenar had on Mormariul. He said that she was becoming a vicious, power-hungry tyrant. When he learned how she had treated Drathessa and Tassedehami in her attempt to conquer Ebzazire, he was appalled. His words made her feel sick with remorse.

Mormariul greeted the Truce of Elanthar with relief, hoping that she could repair Takanepi’s opinion of her. In her desperation she even listened to Liralian speak of peace, compassion and the true virtues of a ruler. Hakenar also seemed to feel remorse. Like Liralian, he spoke of yearning for a better society – but unlike Liralian, he did not act as though he despised her.

Mormariul fell even more deeply in love with Hakenar. She answered all his questions about magic, the Ankaykari and Anengharens. It was only when he trapped her in Udaris and seized her Anengharen that she understood his true motives.

The next several decades were a torment to Mormariul. When she was finally rescued by Vanotaquan lord called Jaxiam, she was no longer the same person. She inflicted a hideous death on Hakenar, and promised herself that she would never be that weak again.

Mormariul sought to strengthen Vanotaqua through conquest. She was desperate to regain the support of her people and show that she was a worthy ruler, but despite her power, she remained wary of humans and anxious to win their loyalty.

Hakenar had allowed the Vanotaquans to enslave those of enemy lands and plunder their cities, and the nobility were unwilling to give up these new ‘rights’. It went against the Treaty of Nenathal, but Mormariul no longer cared.

The other Esu were appalled by the rumors of the evils of Vanotaquan society, and Liralian sought to have Mormariul cast into Garashent for breaking the Treaty of Nenathal. However, Takanepi stood by her, saying that imprisoning her would only make the situation in Vanotaqua worse.

Mormariul felt grateful that she still had one friend, at least, but she could see that Takanepi continued to care for Liralian, and this deepened her bitterness. She longed to conquer the realm so that she could take revenge on every immortal who had ever hurt her. Takanepi refused to support her, however, and she was forced to yield to Ruzenathra, the ruler of Shekruvaris.

At first Mormariul resolved to be loyal to the new Sovereign. She agreed that she was no longer fit to rule Vanotaqua, and handed the empire over to Takanepi. However, the Vanotaquan wizard Echaza and a former slave called Ongrat manipulated her into betraying Shekruvaris, for they wanted to overthrow Takanepi’s regime.

Mormariul forged the Scepter of Zusha-Sanard – a key to the powerful, poisonous wards she had woven around her Citadel. With Ongrat’s help, she poisoned the Sovereign and stole the Scepter of Xathun, destroyed Liralian’s Citadel, then trapped both Liralian and Takanepi within her stronghold.

The wards around Gennezra were finally broken by Mormariul’s erstwhile servant Carashanza. Knowing that she must face the wrath of her people, Mormariul threw herself into the Abyss.

Terrible storms raged around Askamar while Mormariul burned in the Abyss. The Ankaykari loathed her, but they feared the realm would be devastated if she was not retrieved. In the end she was rescued by Takanepi, who persuaded Ruzenathra to let her remain under guard in his Citadel.

At first Mormariul could not even recall her own name, but gradually the memory of her crimes returned. Remorse consumed her, for she could finally see that Liralian was innocent. She feared that she could never be forgiven and never be freed.

Centuries later, Mormariul is still under guard by Takanepi and his court, which includes her former servants. She remains emotionally tormented, quick-tempered and volatile, and has no wish to leave her prison. Her greatest comfort is the knowledge that Vanotaqua is now governed by Takanepi’s son Mendaran, who tries to rule with wisdom and justice.