The immortal Lady Mormariul, ruler of the Court of ZepzarisMormariul is the immortal lady who rules the Court of Zepzaris. She is regarded with terror and contempt by her mortal subjects and loathed by all Esu aside from Takanepi, who watches her with silent grief.

Mormariul was always proud and passionate, but there was a time when her name did not strike dread into others. She used to respect the Treaty of Nenathal and strive to uphold justice in her lands. While she took vengeance on her enemies, she was fiercely protective of those she loved.

Mormariul felt that, more than anything, she had to be strong in order to lead her people and defend her mundane empire. She still admires humans for their courage and resourcefulness, and spends more time in the mundane world than most Esu. However, she changed after being deceived and trapped in Udaris by her mortal lover Hakenar, who seized her Anengharen. Now she is so cruel, violent and unstable that the Ankaykari consider her insane.

Mormariul often acts without thinking and then blames others for any mistakes she makes. All she truly cares about now is bringing pain to her enemies. If she slays a mortal in a fit of rage, she insists it was their fault for upsetting her. Inside, she feels hurt, vulnerable and terrified that her remaining companions will leave her.

Takanepi has tried to make her acknowledge the suffering caused by her regime, but she cannot bring herself to accept any criticism or blame. She says that the strong love her because she gives them what they want, while the weak do not deserve her protection.

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