The immortal Lady Liralian, ruler of the Court of BarezethLiralian is the immortal lady who rules the Court of Barezeth. She believes that the greatest strength lies in virtue and she longs to see the Ankaykari become a nobler people.

Over the years, Liralian has tried to build a new society based on compassion and respect for the weak. However, her concern for others often overwhelms her judgment and leads her to act impulsively. Some call her a ‘weak’ ruler, but she is courageous in battle, and is always ready to come to the aid of her allies, mortal and immortal alike. Despite many defeats and betrayals, she has never stopped striving to do what she considers right.

Race: Ankaykari

Status: Esu

Court: Liralian rules the Court of Barezeth, but for a long time she had no servants aside from Erulorian. In recent years her other followers have included included Zotharan (with whom she often quarreled), Xessuralen and Olemnashial.

Home: Liralian’s Citadel is called Quoraloresea.

Skills / Interests: Liralian thinks that most of the arts are frivolous, but she does like poetry – especially if it has a moralistic theme. She longs to bring reform to Ankaykari society, and has written many books in an attempt to explain her vision. Among her most famous works is the multi-volume History of the Ankaykari.

Friends: Liralian’s closest friend among the Esu is Lord Yazelern. He shares her ideals but also worries about her emotional welfare, for he sees how burdened she feels. Liralian is frustrated by his caution and his ‘pragmatic’ political maneuverings, but she is grateful to have him as a friend and heart-warmed by his concern her.

Lord Tassedehami also supports many of Liralian’s ambitions and has aided her over the years. She finds him an unpredictable ally – sometimes coldly calculating, sometimes over-emotional, sometimes recklessly brave and sometimes craven – but at least he appreciates what she is tying to achieve, unlike most of the Esu.

Enemies: Liralian had has many foes down the millennia. Ruzenathra and Daskesurul regard Liralian as a self-righteous fool, while Saroparel feared her ideas will bring anarchy to the realm. However, the most fearsome of her enemies was Mormariul.

Mundane Lands: Liralian originally ruled two small kingdoms – Danyubao in the east and Gabuwesu in the west – but she became increasingly drawn into the power-struggles of mortal-kind during the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars. In 982 EA she founded the Tuyaz-Oan empire, hoping that she could spread her ideals through Udaris even if she had so far failed in Askamar.

Mortal consorts: Liralian fell in love with Farauquan Ghaz Ahaya, a prince of Bakoqua, when he travelled to Barezeth in 974 EA. They lived together in Askamar for a while, but he eventually had to return to the mundane world to govern the empire they had built.


For centuries, Liralian was considered one of the more reclusive Esu. She spent her time reading moralistic works, composing books upon her philosophy, and governing the small kingdoms of Danyubao and Gabuwesu. The cruelty of Askamaran society disgusted her, and she wished to have no part in its battles.

Liralian was seldom seen at the Royal Court during the Sovereignty of Janzaris, for she had begun work on her multi-volume History of the Ankaykari. Everyone was surprised, therefore, when the renowned Nayusuru warrior Zotharan chose serve her. They often disagreed, but Liralian always treated him graciously, hoping he would come to respect her ideals. She was furious when he betrayed her the moment war resumed.

The Ceyth-Janzarian Wars were traumatic for Liralian, for Barezeth was under constant threat. It was during this time that she developed a close bond with Lord Takanepi. He seemed a sensitive and thoughtful ruler, and he shared her longing to see peace restored. They often met in the Vale of Ilayath where they discussed their dreams of a more compassionate society. Over time they fell in love.

Lady Mormariul was deeply jealous of their bond. Even after Takanepi persuaded her and Liralian to ally, they continued to quarrel. Liralian considered Mormariul vicious, selfish and arrogant, while Mormariul called her a self-righteous hypocrite.

Liralian’s disgust intensified to hatred when Mormariul fell under the influence of the human wizard Hakenar. However, it was only when their mortal armies faced each other in Tan Anguha that Liralian realized how deranged her rival had become.

Takanepi refused to forsake his alliance with Mormariul. When Liralian tried to have Mormariul imprisoned in Garashent for breaking the Laws of Nenathal, he thwarted her, saying that it would plunge Mormariul’s Vanotaquan empire into turmoil. Liralian told herself that Takanepi was just horribly misguided, but she felt betrayed.

During the final years of the Truce of Elanthar, Liralian built up her power, gaining the allegiance of the Nayusuru Olemnashial and Xessuralen. Both Yazelern and Tassedehami seemed willing to become her vassals, giving her hope that she might finally achieve her dream of becoming sovereign. However, she still had to face Ruzenathra.

Ruzenathra struck while Liralian was caught up in a war in Eoradha, conquering Yazelern’s Citadel. Although Liralian courageously led an alliance against her, it collapsed due to Saroparel’s treachery, and she was forced to become a vassal in the Royal Court of Shekruvaris.

The new peace was shattered when Mormariul stole Scepter of Xathun, destroyed Liralian’s Citadel and dragged Liralian back to Gennezra, where she inflicted terrible torments upon her. In the end Mormariul’s Citadel was stormed and she threw herself into the Abyss, but Liralian remained a broken wreck for years afterwards.

Erulorian tried to govern the Tuyaz-Oan empire on Liralian’s behalf, but she could not protect it from the injustices of Ruzenathra’s regime, and it eventually rose up against Shekruvaris. When Liralian sought to help her former subjects – almost killing Takanepi’s son Mendaran, who had been sent to subdue the revolt – she was imprisoned in Garashent.

Liralian felt crushed when she finally emerged. Tuyaz-Oa had collapsed, all her dreams had failed, and she had destroyed thousands of lives in her attempt to help mortal-kind. She no longer believed that she had the wisdom to rule Askamar or Udaris.

Feeling that she had nothing left to lose, Liralian went to the mundane world to help the Danyubaons, who were still fighting for their freedom. Zotharan hoped she would proclaim herself Sovereign when he betrayed Shekruvaris and brought down Ruzenathra’s regime. Instead, Liralian threw the Royal Scepter into the Abyss.

Over the decades, Liralian rebuilt her Citadel. She resumed work on her History of the Ankaykari, and she also began composing a new collection of poetry in an attempt to overcome the traumas she had endured. Although she has largely withdrawn from Askamar’s politics, her vision of a more just society remains an inspiration to others.