The immortal lord LarthesiulLarthesiul is a Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in Anosharen.  Although he is a talented healer, his lack of fighting skill means that he holds a low rank.

Larthesiul is thoughtful, reserved and even-tempered. Much of his time is spent alone in his Citadel, which stands in the midst of the Ashen Desert. Although he can play fine music and compose poetry, what he most loves is collecting and copying books written by the greatest minds in Udaris, for he feels that mortals and Ankaykari have much to learn from each other.

Larthesiul wants to see reform come to the realm, but he thinks the changes must come slowly. Like his close friend Erulorian, he feels that the Ankaykari have no right to impose their rule upon humankind when they are so lacking in wisdom themselves. If the immortals want to help the world, he thinks they should do it through the preservation and sharing of knowledge.

Esu Ruler

Larthesiul serves Yazelern, the Lord of Thasenare. He does not have much in common with the rest of his court, for they love to dress lavishly and hold banquets, while he is shy and aloof, and favors somber attire. Despite this, he considers Yazelern a wise, kind-hearted ruler, and there is no one he would rather serve.

Lady Liralian‘s philosophy greatly appeals to Larthesiul, and he has always encouraged Yazelern to strengthen his ties with the Court of Barezeth. Many people think that Barezeth would suit his nature better than Thasenare, and he knows Erulorian would love him to join her court.

However, even if Larthesiul was tempted to follow Liralian – an Esu who is too impetuous, in his opinion – he thinks such ‘treachery’ would be a poor way to repay the kindness Yazelern has shown him.

Friends and Enemies

Larthesiul’s dearest friend is Erulorian. They have much in common, not only in temperament, but in their interests and values. Her companionship is soothing to him and he sees much wisdom in her words. Larthesiul also likes Iruzathe, another thoughtful, gentle-natured Nayusuru who shares his respect for mortalkind.

While Larthesiul feels loyal to his fellow servants of Thasenare, his relationship with them is more strained. He sometimes finds Olemnashial bewilderingly frivolous and he does not approve of Arellesria‘s ambitious scheming – especially when she tried to drag him into her plots. They both like to tease him about his drab appearance, which annoys him.


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