The immortal lord KurunariKurunari is a high-ranking Nayusuru Ankaykari, famed not only for his skill in battle but also for his knowledge of rare plants and minerals. His Citadel lies deep within the swamps of Nursumemur, and is said to be a storehouse of precious magical ingredients.

Kurunari knows how to brew a great variety of potions – concoctions to dull the wits and numb pain, perfumes to make an person seem more glamorous, and poisons to wither an immortal’s powers. Once, he and Carashanza even attempted to create an elixir of immortality.

Kurunari has a lively and enquiring mind. He is considered a witty conversationalist and can say much without conveying anything in particular. While he seems good-humored most of the time, the other Nayusuru are wary of him, for he makes a dangerous foe.


As a high-ranking Nayusuru warrior, Kurunari brings prestige to any court he serves, but he is a fickle servant. While he is fond of Lady Ruzenathra, no Esu has ever really inspired his loyalty.

In the past Kurunari often moved between Veskansare, Zaresnar and Ebzazire, for he found qualities to admire in the rulers of all three courts. However, his betrayal of Daskesurul towards the end of the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars was particularly spectacular, and he has no plans to return here.

Kurunari appreciates Ruzenathra’s wit and ambition, and enjoys playing board-games with her. However, her arrogance annoys him. Kurunari will only tolerate so much disrespect from his rulers, and finds subtle ways to take revenge every time they mistreat him.


Kurunari’s closest companions are Xanuspari and Zotharan. Together, they are regarded as the most fearsome Nayusuru warriors in the realm – though they also look upon each other as rivals.

Others wonder how they can be friends when they fight, taunt and apparently betray each other so often, but they understand each other well enough to see when loyalty is expected and when it is not. Kurunari knows that when it matters, Xanuspari and Zotharan will be there for him.

Kurunari most often gets into fights with Xanuspari, as he enjoys mocking his ‘stupidity’, but they are actually very fond of each other despite their differences. He regards Zotharan with greater caution, for Zotharan is cold, sly and generally less predictable. Still, Kurunari thinks he makes an excellent leader – far more worthy of allegiance than any Esu.

Kurunari is also deeply fond of Drathessa and wishes they could spend more time together. He admires her courage, feels soothed by her affection and is delighted by her company, but has trouble expressing how much her friendship means to him. Serious emotions are something he finds hard to discuss.