Iruzathe is an Ankaykari who used to serve Lord Tassedehami before he was forced to give his allegiance to Daskesurul. Although he is not a great fighter, he has always been well-liked by the other immortals, for he is gracious and thoughtful.

Iruzathe tries hard to understand the perspectives of others – even those who are proud, cold and aggressive. In particular, he is keen to bring about greater understanding between mortals and immortals.

Iruzathe used to be very talkative, bright and politically astute. He loved attending gatherings and enjoyed discussing new ideas. The ideals of Barezeth appealed to him, for he felt that the weak should be free to share their opinions. However, after his Citadel was conquered by Daskesurul he became anxious and withdrawn, and now he lacks the courage to stand up for his beliefs.

Over the years Iruzathe convinced himself that Daskesurul was wise and just, and that everyone should support his endeavors, but he feels deeply miserable in the Court of Zaresnar. His friends tell him that he has changed, and that he should try to return to Ebzazire, but he refuses to let anyone criticise his new ruler. When Daskesurul claims that Liralian is a misguided idealist, or that Tassedehami is too weak and foolish to deserve anyone’s respect, Iruzathe does not dare to argue.