The immortal lord Gesmoriul, a servant of the Court of Imbire.Gesmoriul is an Ankaykari who serves the Court of Imbire. He is known for his traditional ideas, and would never dream of challenging his ruler’s will – though he often finds fault with those of his own rank.

Gesmoriul loves order and precision, is happiest when designing mazes, puzzles and clockwork mechanisms. His Citadel is filled with automations and black-and-white paintings, while his gardens are graced with bizarre topiary.

Gesmoriul strives to be the perfect servant, leading him to be cold and obsessive. Mistakes make him deeply anxious, and he is poor at expressing his feelings. His enemies claim that he has not had an original thought in thousands of years.

Gesmoriul is intensely loyal to Lady Saroparel. As far as he can recall, he has never served anyone else. He finds the rituals of the Imbirean Court soothing, and carries them out flawlessly. Despite this, he sometimes ends up bickering with her other servant Vusashare, whom he considers irksomely whimsical.

Artwork featuring Gesmoriul