The immortal lord EsephrulEsephrul is an immortal who serves Lord Naskremari. While he fights quite well, he is better known as a diplomat. Esephrul talks to almost everyone and always seems to know what is going on in the realm. Few people take him seriously, however, as they say he lacks resolve.

Esephrul is keen to increase his influence and advance his court, but hates taking risks. Although he will avenge any insult against his ruler, he is careful to avoid making enemies on his own behalf.

Eseprhul’s closest friendships are with the Nayusuru of Burshnar, for he feels that the servants of a court should be loyal to each other. Esephrul admires Tarissarul for her subtly, grace and mastery of the arts, and is constantly seeking to impress her. Xessuralen’s strength and honor are an inspiration to him, and he secretly regards her as no less of a leader than Naskremari.

Xessuralen is certainly much nicer to Esephrul than Burshnar’s true ruler. He trusts and respects her, but feels uncertain about her interest in Barezethan philosophy, for Naskremari has always said that the Lady of Barezeth is a fool. Esephrul felt devastated when Xessuralen actually joined Barezeth during the Truce of Elanthar, and tirelessly tried to persuade her to return.