The immortal Lady Erulorian, a servant of the Court of Barezeth. Erulorian is a Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in Quathevara and traditionally serves the Court of Barezeth. Her lack of skill in battle means that she holds a low rank, yet she has a quiet dignity that has earned her the respect of certain higher-ranking Nayusuru.

Erulorian is known for her patience and serenity, as well as her healing skills. Of all the Ankaykari, she has the greatest knowledge of mundane medicine. Although she seldom expresses her thoughts, she has also gained a reputation as a deep thinker. Some even believe she wrote the controversial Citadel of the Mind.

While most Ankaykari are determined to extend their authority across Udaris, Erulorian questions whether it is right for them to rule the human world when they seldom appear able to govern themselves. It seems to her that the Esu are often thoughtless and arrogant, and could benefit from listening more to others.


Erulorian is not considered an impressive servant, but she is dedicated, steadfast and protective of those she deems worthy of her allegiance. She has served Lady Liralian of Barezeth for countless millennia, for she regards her as the most enlightened of the Esu. However, she is also secretly fond of Tassedehami.

Some Ankaykari consider Liralian a deluded fool, but Erulorian recognizes her inner strength, nobility and compassion, and admires her for respecting the opinions of others. She knows that, deep in her heart, Liralian feels hurt by the rejection she has suffered from her own people and burdened by the power she wields.

Liralian can seem cold and self-righteous at times, but Erulorian remains at her side, striving to soothe her tormented moods and keep her from acting recklessly.

Friends and Enemies

Larthesiul has always been Erulorian’s dearest friend, though he serves another court. He is a healer like herself, and while he lacks the courage to  question the hierarchy, he shares her hopes and ideals. Surprisingly, the ruthless warrior Zotharan also claims to care about Erulorian, although he has betrayed her in the past.


The immortals Zotharan and Eurlorian of AskamarFor centuries, Erulorian was the only Nayusuru who served Liralian. When Zotharan joined their court during the Sovereignty of Janzaris, she did not immediately trust him, for he was known for his cold heart and his ferocity in battle. However, he seemed intrigued by her ideas and they spent many hours talking about power, justice and the value of mercy.

Erulorian came to admire Zotharan’s sharp wit, courage and pragmatism. She even believed they were falling in love. However, her dreams were shattered when Zotharan betrayed Barezeth the moment Janzaris fell. He claimed not to have forgotten their friendship, but his ambitions clearly meant far more to him than any ideals they might have shared – or any affection he might have felt for her.

During the Sovereignty of Shekruvaris, Zotharan tried to reconcile with Erulorian. He was now the greatest of the Nayusuru, but she did not wish to keep his company no matter how much power he wielded. She felt disturbed by the pain he so callously brought to others, and she felt like a fool for ever having cared about him.

Everything fell apart for Erulorian when the deranged Lady Mormariul rebelled against the new regime. The Sovereign had been poisoned, the Citadel of Barezeth was destroyed, and Liralian was imprisoned in Mormariul’s dungeons. Erulorian was immensely grateful when Zotharan helped her to rescue Liralian – even though she believed he mainly did it to retrieve his ruler’s scepter.

Over the years, Zotharan continued striving to regain Erulorian’s friendship, although he still refused to express remorse for his treachery. He supported her during the two decades she spent governing Tuyaz-Oa on Liralian’s behalf, and in the end he even betrayed Shekruvaris for her sake.


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