Drathessa is an immortal who serves the Court of Ebzazire. Many Esu have sought her allegiance, for she is regarded as one of the finest of the Nayusuru warriors, but she remains fiercely devoted to Lord Tassedehami.

Drathessa is quiet, brooding and intense, with a quick temper and haughty bearing. She worries about things far more than others realize, and finds social situations disconcerting. Her closest friend is Xessuralen, another famed warrior who is quiet and somber like herself, and always happy to duel with her.

Drathessa thinks the Nayusuru should be granted more respect, arguing that it is absurd for the Esu to expect them to be meek, obedient and yet fearless in battle. Drathessa is too cynical to expect anything to change – she believes only the strong will triumph – but that seldom keeps her from fighting for what matters to her.

In Drathessa’s opinion, Tassedehami is the only ruler worthy of her allegiance. He is fierce in battle, like herself, and he is also unusually gracious and charming for an Esu. Drathessa knows that she is not an ‘ideal’ servant, for she can be proud and snappish, but Tassedehami is always sympathetic to her moods. His kindness can melt her heart even when she is furious with him.

A painting of Drathessa and Tassedehami by MaggieStatus: Drathessa is a Nayusuru Ankaykari. She traditionally serves Lord Tassedehami of Ebzazire, ranking above Iruzathe in the court’s heiarchy.

Home: Drathessa dwells in the dreary land of Dargora, at the edge of Askamar’s Middle Lands. Her Citadel is called Xekrante.

Skills / Interests: Drathessa’s greatest magical skill is combat. She has few other talents. All Ankaykari – especially the Nayusuru – are supposed to be skilled in the arts, but Drathessa finds this challenging. While she can play several instruments quite well, Tassedehami is the only one who endures listening to her dreary musical compositions and claims to enjoy her cooking.

Friends: Beyond her own court, Drathessa only keeps company with those of her own rank – with the exception of Arellesria, whose catty gossip amuses her. Drathessa trusts few people, and her only close friends are Xessuralen and Kurunari.

Enemies: Drathessa’s greatest rival is Carashanza, but she will fight anyone who dares speak against her or her ruler, including lower-ranking Nayusuru like Gesmoriul.