Drathessa is one of the greatest warriors among the Nayusuru Ankaykari. Many high-ranking Esu have sought her allegiance, but she remains fiercely devoted to Lord Tassedehami.

Drathessa is quiet, brooding and intense, with a quick temper and haughty bearing. She worries about things far more than others realize, and finds social situations disconcerting. Her closest friends are those such as Xessuralen and Kurunari, who are unfazed by her scathing comments and are happy to duel with her.

Drathessa feels that Nayusuru ought to be granted more respect, arguing that it is absurd for the Esu to expect their servants to be meek, obedient and yet fearless in battle. She is too cynical to expect anything to change – she believes only the strong will triumph in the end – but that seldom keeps her from fighting for her dreams.

During the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars, Drathessa was taken prisoner first by Lord Daskesurul and then by Lady Mormariul. She managed to return to the Court of Ebzazire in the end, but she had suffered terribly in the dungeons of her captors. For years afterwards she felt like a broken wreck. Tassedehami helped her to recover from the trauma, but she remains scarred by the memories.


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