The immortal Lord Daskesurul, Ruler of the Court of Zaresnar.Daskesurul is the Esu Anyakari who rules the Court of Zaresnar. He is cold, cunning and ambitious, and can be even more ruthless than most. Many people call him a tyrant, but he believes that he is bringing order and civilization to the world.

Daskesurul prides himself on his cleverness, and is famed for his over-elaborate schemes. He regards himself as a cool and rational person, but he is not immune to fits of hysteria when he sees his plans unravel. Beneath the surface, his heart seethes with insecurity.

Nothing is able to satisfy Daskesurul for long. He wants his court to be the grandest and most powerful, and his followers to be utterly obedient. His Nayusuru servants live in fear of his displeasure, knowing that if they fail him they will be harshly punished.

Daskesurul’s tyranny comes to an end when he is devoured by Zakrusepi. After his rescue, he is a cowering shadow of his former self, and wants nothing more than to lead a peaceful life.

Nayusuru Servants

Daskesurul is a harsh ruler who finds it hard to retain the loyalty of his servants – even those who have willingly given him their allegiance. His followers have included Carashanza (who betrayed him), Kurunari (who also betrayed him), Tarissarul, Canrasiul and Iruzathe.

Canrasiul is the most faithful of Daskesurul’s servants. Daskesurul likes his quick wit and his talent at illusion, appreciates his skill in battle, and acknowledges that he has served him well – most of the time. Despite this, Canrasiul is seldom regarded with favour, for Daskesurul finds his moody, anxious temperament irksome.

By the end of the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars, Daskesurul’s only other servant was Iruzathe, whom he captured in battle. Daskesurul considers him fairly worthless, for he is a weak fighter, he sympathizes with the ‘ridiculous’ ideals of Barezeth, and he hates seeing Daskesurul’s mortal subjects punished. However, he plays fine music and is far more skilled at diplomacy than Canrasiul.

Friends and Enemies

Daskesurul’s closest ally among the Esu is Saroparel – a lady whom he has long admired her dedication to perfection, her grace and her skill at the arts. While Saroparel longs to rule the realm herself, she is seldom strong enough to threaten his own ambitions.

Ruzenathra admires Daskesurul’s cleverness, but is far too power-hungry to truly be an ally to him, while Naskremari regards him as his most infuriating foe. Daskesurul thinks Naskremari is a stubborn, arrogant fool, while Naskremari calls Daskesurul a scheming villain. The fondness with which Ruzenathra regards them both only fuels their rivalry.

However, of all the Esu, it is Mormariul who terrifies Daskesurul most. He imprisoned her during the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars, and now she longs to inflict hideous vengeance upon him.


The immortal Lord Daskesurul, one of the characters from my epic fantasy saga, The Immortals of Askamar Louisa Watson

Daskesurul by Louisa

Daskesurul was one of the strongest of the Esu during the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars, for his three Nayusuru servants Carashanza, Kurunari and Canrasiul were all skilled fighters, and he also gained the allegiance of Saroparel and Ruzenathra. However, his power began to crumble after Carashanza betrayed him and freed Mormariul from his dungeons.

By the end of the conflict, the only followers who remained in Daskesurul’s court were Canrasiul and the broken wreck Iruzathe, whose Citadel he had stormed. Daskesurul greeted the Truce of Elanthar with deep relief, as it gave him a chance to recover. However, he soon felt agitated by the uneasy balance of power within the realm. Deep in his heart, he hoped that he might regain his old strength and become sovereign.