The immortal lady CarashanzaCarashanza is an Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Rakukath. She holds a high rank among the Nayusuru, as she known both for her skill at healing and her ruthlessness in combat. Carashanza considers herself a pragmatist, and likes to find solutions to problems, whether they are medical, intellectual or political.

Carashanza used to be Lord Daskesurul’s favored servant, but she gave her allegiance to his enemy Mormariul during the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars. Later she regretted her decision, but by then she was so involved in the plight of Vanotaqua that she felt unable to leave.

Mormariul finally decided that Carashanza was untrustworthy, and gave her Anengharen to the wizard Echaza Danchax. After being rescued, Carashanza granted her allegiance to Lord Takanepi – an Esu who held a lower rank than her previous rulers, but who had always treated her with kindness. She now helps Takanepi’s son Mendaran to govern the Vanotaquan empire.


Carashanza was Lord Daskesurul’s favored servant for many years. She admired his cunning, ambition and sense of order, and they shared a thirst for knowledge about the working of the world. However, Carashanza sensed that Daskesurul was growing envious of her intellectual accomplishments, and this unnerved her, for she knew how proud and irrational the Esu lord could become.

The downfall of Onadura struck Carashanza deeply, for she had been involved in the governing of Daskesurul’s mundane territories since the time of their founding. Although she and Daskesurul were united in their grief, his temper grew more violent. He began to demand ever greater humility from Carashanza, until she decided that she would no longer endure his tyranny.

Carashanza gave her allegiance to Daskesurul’s enemy Mormariul, freeing her from his dungeons and following her back to Zepzaris. She had always admired Mormariul’s tenacity, and rescuing her seemed a good way to secure a favored position in her new court. Daskesurul called her fool and assured her that she would regret her decision, but she simply laughed at him.

Later, when Carashanza saw how reckless Mormariul could be, she acknowledged that she had been too hasty, but she had no intention of returning to her old ruler.

Mormariul was enslaved by the wizard Hakenar soon after the Truce of Elanthar was declared. When she was finally rescued, Carashanza tried to comfort her, for she had endured a similar experience at the hands of Yanquanha. However, she was alarmed by Mormariul’s mental instability and the increased influence that the lords of the Vanotaquan empire began to wield.

It soon became clear that Mormariul’s empire was descending into tyranny, but Carashanza could not bring herself to abandon the people and return to Zaresnar. In the end, she gathered a group of loyal human supporters and resolved to reform the empire from within. The corrupt vassal-emperors complained to Mormariul about her ‘meddling’, but she still had the support of many wizards. Unlike Mormariul’s ally Takanepi, Carashanza refused to condemn all humans for the crimes of a few.

In the end, Mormariul decided that Carashanza was a traitor and gave her Anengharen to a power-hungry Vanotaquan wizard. As soon as Carashanza was rescued, she revealed how to break the wards around Mormariul’s Citadel, then granted her allegiance to Takanepi. Until now, she had considered him a weak and useless ruler, but he offered to protect her from Daskesurul’s vengeance.

Carashanza still finds Takanepi frustratingly apathetic. However, he has always treated her with kindness, and she has become fond of him over the years. When Carashanza was given the chance to serve in Ruzenathra’s Royal Court, she realized that Takanepi was the only Esu to whom she truly felt loyal.


Carashanza has never cared much for alliances with other Nayusuru, being too absorbed in her work to socialize. Most people consider her cold and proud.

Carashanza’s closest companions used to be her fellow servants of Zaresnar – though she also saw them as rivals. While she and Kurunari admired each other, both were determined to hold the higher rank, and they frequently bickered. She had an easier relationship with Canrasiul, who ranked beneath her.

Carashanza’s treachery left her estranged from the Nayusuru of Zaresnar, and her apparent loyalty to the tyrant Mormariul turned the rest of the Ankaykari against her. Soon her only companion was Mormariul’s other servant, Quenezarea.

For a long time, the pair had an ambivalent relationship. Carashanza believed that Quenezarea envied her, yet Quenezarea never did anything to challenge her directly. Carashanza was used to quarrelling with the servants of her rulers, but she was not sure what to make of her new companion’s subtle expressions of resentment.

Most of the time she just ignored Quenezarea. Finally, however, the misunderstandings between them were resolved, and they formed a deep bond as a result of their shared suffering and isolation.


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