The immortal Lord CanrasiulCanrasiul is an immortal who serves Lord Daskesurul. While he holds a respected rank due to his fighting skills, his greatest talent is illusion. He feels that art is far more pleasant than reality.

Like many Nayusuru of the middle rank, Canrasiul is anxious, scheming and temperamental. He is desperately keen to please his ruler and accumulate as much influence as he can. However, he often ends up feeling lonely and unvalued. He is embittered as a result, and can be harsh towards those even weaker than himself – especially human aristocrats, whose ‘arrogance’ riles him.

While Canrasiul works industriously to advance his ruler’s interests – dueling, attending gatherings and visiting the human world – he only feels happy within his Citadel, where he can express himself freely. He has a brilliant imagination, and loves inventing strange creatures and landscapes. He brings these to life with fabulous illusion-work, immersing himself in the worlds he has created.

Canrasiul often keeps company with the servants of his ruler’s allies, but he considers Zotharan his only true friend. Most people see him as another of Zotharan’s sycophants, skulking in his shadow in the hope of advancing himself. However, while Zotharan seems coldly intimidating to others, he is generally kind to Canrasiul.

Sometimes, when Daskesurul has been especially vicious, Canrasiul reveals more about his plans than he should. Zotharan tells him not to feel guilty over this, because no Esu is worthy of loyalty.