The immortal lady ArellesriaArellesria is a Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in Serunuria. She is a great dancer and musician, and is known throughout the realm for her charm. However, beneath her smile lies a scheming mind and an ambitious heart.

Arellesria is always plotting to enhance the standing of her court, whether it is through intrigue, forming alliances or by winning prestige. While she is most proud of her artistic accomplishments, she understand that the greatest power is gained through victory in battle, and she keeps her combat skills finely honed.

Arellesria has a temper, but she can suppress her emotions when the need arises. She closely studies the shifting Nayusuru hierarchy to discern who might be most useful to her and who can be safely dismissed.

When she is not thinking about politics, Arellesria loves reading poetry and baking cakes for her friends.

Esu Ruler

Arellesria serves Yazelern, the Lord of Thasenare. They have much in common, for they are both charming and gracious, they love the arts, and they understand the importance of appearances. The banquets they hold are the finest in the realm. Over the years, the pair have formed a deep and loving bond. Arellesria is at her most genuine when she is with Yazelern, for she does not feel the need to conceal her feelings from him.

Friends and Enemies

Arellesria of Thasenare
Arellesria by Maggie

Arellesria has many friends among the Nayusuru, including Esephrul, who is always happy to share gossip, and Drathessa, whose high status makes her a useful ally even if she can be cantankerous.

Even Kurunari and Xanuspari are not immune to Arellesria’s honeyed words. However, she has never been able to charm Zotharan, who considers her shallow and fickle.

Arellesria’s truest friendships are with Olemnashial and Larthesiul, the Nayusuru of her own court. She is very fond of them both – especially Olemnashial, who shares her love of music and dancing, lavish banquets and beautiful garments – but she also quarrels with them sometimes. She complains that Larthesiul lets the court down by looking so drab, but he never listens.


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