Most of my stories feature at least one of the immortal rulers of Askamar (the Esu Ankaykari). You can read brief introductions to them below or follow the links for more detailed descriptions. Other characters can be found in the Reference section.

Lord Daskesurul, Ruler of the Court of Zaresnar, from The Immortals of AskamarName: Daskesurul (pronounced Das-kes-ur-ul)

Court: Zaresnar

Citadel: Tangurial

Personality: Daskesurul is cold, ruthless and ambitious, but he can also be rather craven. He prides himself on his cleverness, and seldom feels satisfied with anything.

Skills / Interests: Daskesurul likes gathering knowledge, and owns many books on the workings of the mundane world. He is interested in astronomy, cartography, ships and siege engines. In his spare time, he builds clocks.

Servants: Daskesurul is a harsh ruler who finds it hard to retain the loyalty of his servants. His followers have included Carashanza (who betrayed him), Kurunari (who also betrayed him), Tarissarul, Canrasiul and Iruzathe.

Friends and Enemies: Daskesurul’s closest allies are Saroparel and Ruzenathra, while Naskremari is his greatest rival. Mormariul terrifies him, for he tried to make her become his vassal and now she craves revenge.

The immortal Lady Liralian, ruler of the Court of BarezethName: Liralian (Lira-lee-an)

Court: Barezeth

Citadel: Quoraloresea

Personality: Liralian is noble, compassionate and brave, but can also be stubborn and reckless. She believes that the greatest strength lies in virtue, and feels it is her duty to protect the weak.

Skills / Interests: Liralian longs to bring reform to Ankaykari society, and has written many books in an attempt to explain her vision. Among her most famous works is the multi-volume History of the Ankaykari.

Servants: Liralian’s most steadfast servant is Erulorian. Her other servants have included Zotharan (with whom she has often quarreled), Xessuralen and Olemnashial.

Friends and Enemies: Liralian’s most loyal friend is Yazelern. She and Takanepi used to be very close, but she feels betrayed by his alliance with her hated enemy Mormariul.

The immortal Lady Mormariul, ruler of the Court of ZepzarisName: Mormariul (Mor-mar-ee-ul)

Court: Zepzaris

Citadel: Gennezra

Personality: Mormariul was always proud and impulsive, but she became increasingly vicious after being betrayed by the human wizard Hakenar. Most people now consider her insane.

Skills / Interests: Mormariul is a great weapon-smith, and is also skilled at warding spells. Her most famous creations are the sword Narongaztar, the sword Zerekezare, and the Scepter of Zusha-Sanard.

Servants: Mormariul’s servants have included Quenezarea and Carashanza.

Friends and Enemies: Mormariul is hated by everyone except Takanepi, who hopes to ‘heal’ her mind and restore her to the person she once was.

The immortal Lord Takanepi, ruler of the Court of NezrutharName: Takanepi (Tak-a-nep-ee)

Court: Nezruthar

Citadel: Daramorag

Personality: Takanepi is cool and austere, and seldom has any interest in the world beyond his Citadel. Many consider him apathetic, but he can be a formidable fighter.

Skills / Interests: When he is not reading or playing music, Takanepi spends much time strengthening the formidable wards around his stronghold and carving statues of ice. He is believed to be the author of Islands in the River of Time.

Servants: For a long time Takanepi’s only servant was Yephasure, but his court was later joined by Carashanza and Quenezarea. In the distant past, Vusashare and Olemnashial also served him.

Friends and Enemies: Takanepi once loved Liralian, but she feels that he has betrayed her. He remains Mormariul’s friend despite her savagery, for he seeks to restore her to sanity.

The immortal Lady Ruzenathra, ruler of the Court of VeskansareName: Ruzenathra (Rooz-en-ath-ra)

Court: Veskansare

Citadel: Karazran

Personality: Ruzenathra is bold, cunning and ruthless, and is also known for her mocking sense of humor. Some are drawn by her strong character while others call her a tyrant.

Skills / Interests: Ruzenathra considers herself the greatest weapon-smith in the realm, and spends much time exploring the Dimensions in search of new materials. The most famous of her creations is the Scepter of Xathun.

Servants: Ruzenathra traditionally commands the allegiance of the fearsome warriors Zotharan, Xanuspari and Kurunari. Of the three, Xanuspari is the most loyal.

Friends and Enemies: Ruzenathra’s favored allies are Naskremari and Daskesurul. She regards Tassedehami as a snake, and despises Liralian for her ‘idealistic folly’.

The immortal lord Naskremari, ruler of the Court of BurshnarName: Naskremari (Nask-rem-ar-ee)

Court: Burshnar

Citadel: Baskranase

Personality: Naskremari is proud, stern and intense, and makes a difficult friend. However, he is also steadfast and brave. The idea of honor is deeply important to him.

Skills / Interests: Naskremari’s main concerns are the wealth of his mundane empire and the strength of his army. He enjoys watching duels, and is also skilled at forging weapons.

Servants: Naskremari’s favored servant is Xessuralen, whom he has always treated with respect even though she is a Nayusuru. His other servants are Esephrul and Tarissarul.

Friends and Enemies: Naskremari’s favorite Esu is Ruzenathra. He admires her courage, yet he is also disconcerted by her lack of honor, and their old friendship does not keep him from allying with her enemy Tassedehami. Daskesurul is his greatest rival.

The immortal lady Saroparel, ruler of the Court of Imbire.Name: Saroparel (Sar-o-par-el)

Court: Imbire

Citadel: Yesmeure

Personality: Saroparel is known for her serene grace, her love of beauty and her longing to create a harmonious society. However, her laws are infamously oppressive, and she is often too cautious to be of much use to her allies.

Skills / Interests: Saroparel devotes her time to cultivating the Five Arts (illusion, music, poetry, painting and calligraphy). To her, art is not a merely means of self-expression, but a striving towards perfection.

Servants: Saroparel’s servants are Gesmoriul and Vusashare.

Friends and Enemies: Saroparel’s only true friend Daskesurul, who shares her deep love of order and etiquette. While she and Liralian sometimes find it expedient to ally, they often quarrel, for Liralian thinks Saroparel is a hypocrite and Saroparel thinks Liralian is a fool.

Name: Tassedehami (Tass-ey-dey-har-me)

Court: Ebzazire

Citadel: Chezorath

Personality: Tassedehami is known for his skill at politics, but he can also be emotional, quick-tempered and indecisive.

Skills / Interests: Tassedehami loves diplomacy and intrigue, and has woven a web of complex alliances across the realm. He also likes composing music, writing books about the plants and animals of Askamar, and sculpting fantastical creatures to adorn his Citadel.

Servants: Tassedehami’s servants are Drathessa and Iruzathe.

Friends and Enemies: Tassedehami is sympathetic to Liralian’s philosophy, even if he does not always openly support her. While he succeeds in maintaining a difficult alliance with Naskremari – an Esu to whom he has frequently given his allegiance – his closest friend is Yazelern. His main rival is Naskremari’s scheming ally Ruzenathra, and he regards Mormariul with fear and hatred.

The immortal lord Yazelern, ruler of the Court of Thasenare.Name: Yazelern (Yaz-eh-lern)

Court: Thasenare

Citadel: Zhemshorpel

Personality: Yazelern is a gracious, patient and thoughtful ruler. He longs to bring about social reform, but he is also cautious and pragmatic, and avoids confrontation whenever he can.

Skills / Interests: Among the immortals, Yazelern is known for the artistic achievements of his court and for his skill at diplomacy. It is said that the Thasenareans hold the finest banquets in the realm. Yazelern also loves reading, and has a fine collection of history and poetry books.

Servants: Yazelern has the allegiance of the famed musicians Arellesria and Olemnashial (who are both in love with him) and the healer Larthesiul.

Friends and Enemies: Yazelern dislikes making enemies, but he and Ruzenathra do not get along. His closest allies are Liralian and Tassedehami. Liralian finds Yazelern’s caution frustrating, but she appreciates his concern for her welfare, and they often visit each other’s Citadels to discuss politics.


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