Reference: Z

Zakta ~
An Askamaran plants which grows on arid land.

Zaresnar ~
The region of Askamar ruled by the Esu Lord Daskesurul. It is a land of deserts, dusty plains and plateaux which lies close to the Abyss.

Zasulia ~
An Udarissan continent to the south of Razurea. It is a land of lush rainforests, savannahs and deserts, with tropical islands scattered beyond its northern coast.

Zayanazyn ~
A kind of auzhan often used to refine the power of stronger magical jewels.

Zepzaris ~
The region of Askamar ruled by the Esu Lady Mormariul. It is a bitterly cold land of mountains, scree and frozen mud lying near the Outer Reaches.

Zimburu ~
An Askamaran creature which resembles a lizard.

Zhemshorpel ~
The Citadel of the Esu Lord Yazelern.

Zolphuron ~
A fierce, serpentine creature which dwells in Askamar’s Inner Sea

Zotharan ~
The Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Drakuzare.


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