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Zakrusepi ~
Also known as the Dragon King and the Usurper, Zakrusepi rules of the Dragonlands. Having devoured the heart of the immortal Lord Daskesurul, he is seemingly invincible. Zakrusepi regards himself as the champion of his people, liberating them from Ankaykari tyranny and reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. However, his enemies distrust his ambition, claiming that Daskesurul’s voice still whispers inside his head.

Zakta ~
Zaktas are Askamaran plants that resemble the cacti of Udaris. They grow in the more arid regions of the Sunless Realm such as Veskansare, Zaresnar and Quezara. Their flowers are pale and fragrant, but they only bloom and produce fruit during the centuries of mid-winter.

Zaresnar ~
Zaresnar is a region in the Inner Lands of Askamar. Once ruled by the immortal Lord Daskesurul, it is now the heart of Zakrusepi’s dragon kingdom. Zaresnar is a land of deserts, dusty plains and plateaux. The smoking river Xasre winds through its valleys while harsh winds gust among its crags, carrying grit and sand. Nothing mortal can survive in the far north, but dragon tribes such as the Bantagri and Quasakeya dwell in the central mountain range.

Zasulia ~
Zasulia is an Udarissan continent that lies to the south of Tanurea. It is a land of lush rainforests, savannahs and deserts, with tropical islands scattered beyond its northern coast. Among Zasulia’s greatest civilizations are the rival empires of Ukuzecha and Gabakaruan.

Zayanazyn ~
A zayanazyn (pronounced zay-an-a-zin) is kind of azuhan used to refine the power of stronger magical jewels. They range from dark blue to ice-white, and are often set into magical artefacts such as swords, invisibility rings, scrying mirrors and wizards’ staffs.

Zepzaris ~
Zepzaris is the region of Askamar ruled by the immortal lady Mormariul. It is a land of mountains, scree and frozen mud, lying in the bitterly cold Outer Reaches of the realm. A few dragon clans reside among its valleys, but much of the region remains desolate. Despite this, warriors from Vanotaqua frequently travel to Zepzaris in search of glory.

Zhurenissa ~
Zhurenissa is a Kaniyari mage, and the sister of the Yanbukan Emperor Naskaran. She spends much time honing her combat spells, and she has also trained in the use of several weapons, making her formidable in battle. Illusions are another passion of hers, for she loves being creative.

Zimburu ~
Zimburus are Askamaran creatures that resemble lizards. They scuttle among the roots and rocks of the magical realm, hunting insects and endeavouring to evade the jaws of Askamaran cats, sasci and werrexes. Those that survive these predators can live for over a hundred years.

Zirazine ~
Zirazine is a powerful Kaniyari battle-mage from Imbire. Her mother Saroparel appointed her Queen of Eremiro, though it took a vicious power-struggle with the nobility to secure her title.

Zolphuron ~
Zolphurons are serpentine creatures that dwell in Askamar’s Inner Sea. The largest of them are more than forty feet long. Zolphurons undulate swiftly through the waters, devouring anything that they come upon.

Zotharan ~
Zotharan is an immortal who dwells in the land of Drakuzare. Many Esu seek his allegiance, regarding him as the greatest of the Nayusuru, but he secretly feels scorn for those who rule him.