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Yanbuka ~
Yanbuka is an empire in Oborsurea ruled by the Kaniyari mage Naskaran. It is the strongest of surviving Ankaykari territories, famed for both its wealth and its army. Several Kaniyari from other courts have granted their allegiance to Naskaran, and they often visit his imperial court.

Yaresora ~
Yaresora is a Kaniyari battle-mage. Although she is from the Court of Ebzazire, she has pledged her allegiance to the Yanbukan Emperor Naskaran, and she often fights for him in battle.

Yazelern ~
Yazelern is the immortal lord who rules the Court of Thasenare. He loves literature, art and music, and takes a keen interest in the politics of the realm. Among the immortals he is known both for the artistic achievements of his court and for his skill at diplomacy.

Yephasure ~
Yephasure is an immortal who dwells in Velsamere. She has served Lord Takanepi since time immemorial, silently moving through the gatherings of the Ankaykari and telling him of everything that happens in the realm. The other immortals consider her elusive and mysterious.