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Yanbuka ~
A powerful empire in Oborsurea ruled by the Ankaykari Lord Naskremari.

Yanquanha ~
An infamous Zasulian wizard who stole the Anengharen of Carashanza.

Yaresora ~
Yaresora is an Akes-Naredeya battle-mage. Although she is from the Court of Ebzazire, she has pledged her loyalty to the Yanbukan emperor Naskaran, and she frequently fought for him before she became an Eremirosan duchess.

Yathazganor ~
A land of silver sand and crimson stone which was discovered by Ruzenathra. Yathazganor lies deep within the Inner Dimensions and is highly unstable.

Yauna ~
A Royal Wizard of Eoradha who served King Raudhan IV.

Yazelern ~
The Esu Ankaykari who rules the Court of Thasenare. His Citadel is Zhemshorpel.

Yesmeure ~
The Citadel of the Esu Lady Saroparel.

Yephasure ~
The Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Velsamere.

Yuyarni ~
A mortal people who dwell in Askamar.They are about the size of humans and are said to resemble leathery-skinned, web-winged vultures.