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Xahakur ~
Xahakur is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lord Xanuspari dwells. Sometimes it is possible to glimpse the peaks of Veskansare from the coast, but the view is usually obscured by poisonous vapours. Xahakur is an inhospitable land, but its Gateways leads to several valuable Dimensions where Xanuspari gathers ores for his magical weapons.

Xanuspari ~
Xanuspari is an immortal who dwells in Xahakur. While he is devoted to Lady Ruzenathra of Veskansare, his fiercest loyalty is reserved for his friends Kurunari and Zotharan. Together, they are renowned as the greatest Nayusuru warriors in the realm. Xanuspari is obsessed with battle and loves forging weapons.

Xarraka ~
Xarrakas are fearsome predators found in the waters of Askamar. They glide silently through the dark seas, absorbing magical energies through their gills. Those of the Inner Sea tend to be brown with stripes and blotches, while those of the Outer Ocean are larger and darker. When hunting, Xarrakas often ambush their prey. They will even leap out of the water to snatch dragons.

Xessuralen ~
Xessuralen is an immortal who dwells in Karshulure. For centuries she served Lord Naskremari, she felt that Lady Liralian was a more enlightened ruler, so she joined her court during the final years of the Truce of Elanthar. Xessuarelen eventually reconciled with Naskremari during the Soverentiy of Shekruvaris.