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Vabauna ~
A continent in southern Udaris. It is a land of rocky deserts, tropical grasslands and rainforests. To the north lie dry hills and sand dunes where nomads herd camels.

Vanadhan Gauran ~
The youngest brother of Vassal-King Nugra of Eoradha.

Vanotaqua ~
An empire in western Tanthiaruled by the Ankaykari Lady Mormariul

Varadren ~
An Akes-Yenarasu ward-weaver and illusionist from the Court of Imbire. His half-sister Zirazine is queen of Eremiro.

Varug Seothra ~
The first king of the Seothra dynasty which ruled Eoradha.

Vassal-king ~
A mortal ruler who has given their allegiance to an Ankaykari.

Velsamere ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lady Yephasure dwells. It is a land of wooded valleys and misty grey peaks, famous for its banks of elareaph flowers.

Venuzasire ~
A kind of liquid magic which the Ankaykari like to drink. It is a shimmering violet colour, and is highly valued due to its strength and rarity.

Veskansare ~
The region of Askamar ruled by the Esu Lady Ruzenathra. It is considered the least hospitable of all the Ankaykari territories — a land of jagged peaks, boiling mud-pits and deserts scoured by blistering winds.

Vosthegan ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lord Esephrul dwells. It is a land of dark chasms, mountains and gorges, swamps and pine forests.

Vungarba ~
An Askamaran animal which resembles a large antelope.

Vusashare ~
The Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Surmanalle.