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Vanotaqua ~
Vanotaqua is a kingdom in central Tanurea. Once the heart of Mormariul’s infamous mundane empire, it is now part of the Seven Kingdoms Alliance.

Varadren ~
Varadren is the half-brother of the Eremiran Queen Zirazine. She considers him a worthless wretch, and has only grudgingly granted him the title of prince. He, in turn, regards her as an unreasonable despot and tries to avoid her as much as possible.

Velsamere ~
Velsamere is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lady Yephasure dwells. In contrast to the desolate wastes where her overlord Takanepi has built his Citadel, it is a land of meadows, wooded valleys and misty grey peaks, famous for its banks of elareaph flowers. Few humans have ever visited Velsamere, but many dragons dwell along its rocky coasts.

Venuzasire ~
Venuzasire kind of liquid magic that the Ankaykari like to drink. It is a shimmering violet colour, and is highly valued due to its rarity.

Veskansare ~
Veskansare is the region of Askamar ruled by the immortal Lady Ruzenathra. It is considered the least hospitable of all the Ankaykari territories – a land of jagged peaks, boiling mud-pits and deserts. Most of its rivers bubble with poison, while vicious storms lash its coasts.

Vosthegan ~
Vosthegan is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lord Esephrul dwells. It is a land of dark chasms, mountains and gorges, with swamps and pine forests spreading away to the border of Dargora. Winds whip around Vosthegan’s desolate peaks, while its ravines are spanned by bridges and guarded by slender towers.

Vungarba ~
Vungarbas are Askamaran animals that resemble antelopes. They stand five feet at the withers, with spiralling horns and bearded chins. Most have brown hides with dark stripes, but those of cooler lands are grey and black. Those Ankaykari who own the greatest herds command the allegiance of the most dragon warriors.

Vusashare ~
Vusashare is an immortal who dwells in Surmanalle. His ruler Saroparel favors him highly for his skill as an artist, but he seldom feels at ease in her court. Vusashare is among the most quiet and sensitive of the Ankaykari, and he often finds Imbire stifling. He might leave Imbire if he had greater strength of will, but he cannot bear to cause discord.